News [Astro] - Crustacean Rampage thwarted by Locals

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    ♫~News for a Song~♫

    Good afternoon, listeners! We have a breaking report from Barrier Island on Sargasso. We have dramatic footage captured by reporter Dennis Kirkhope, so tune in tonight to see the highlights.

    Some time before noon, citizen reported a large, unidentified crustacean creature emerging from Sargasso Bay on the West Flatiron beach. Nearby police were unable to identify the creature based on metrics or records, and gave it an order to identify itself or stand down. It refused, and police engaged the thing - but the immediate response was inadequate. The creature headed down the road east towards the Hero's Armaments.

    However, upon reaching the pub, a few of the patrons emerged from the establishment and begun attacking the thing, including a Chelti, a Maidenhand, a Raiken, a bat-wielding child, and a former EAD identified as Luca Pavone. Shortly after these citizens neutralised the threat, the United Defence Directive forces arrived to clean up the scene. The creature was identified as an Adult-Class Weird Thing, and safely contained by Units. A man assumed to be the host for the Weird was medically evacuated from the scene, and is hospitalised in a stable condition.

    Being the most immediately identifiable person present, and appearing to be responsible for assembling the other citizens together in a 'Team', Mr. Pavone was sought for comment.
    He refused further conversation, but a waitress from the establishment was happy to provide some background on the local hero.
    The political elite of Sargasso were quick to weigh in on what happened today.
    Naturally, Mrs. Proctor was quick to leap on the comments.
    Tannerman rebuked the claim, stating 'criminals don't have the same rights as citizens' and the Sargasso City Hall has been surging with argument over what separates a citizen from a criminal.

    Stay safe out there, Sargasso. Coming up, Senator Edmund Holt is releasing audiobooks of his collected expeditions and journeys around Sargasso's ocean and parks, titled 'The Roads Well Tended'; We have an interview with him later...

    ♫ Astro News Radio - Outro ♫
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