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State of the Stars - Year 0, Month 9

Discussion in 'Site News, Announcements and Feedback' started by Luca, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, welcome, gather round friends, stargazers, and other observers!

    I'd like to post an update on the state of the website, and this is - well - the first!

    It's a new year, we have come quite a long way from when we got started on this around May, I think. It was a tumultuous year for all of us in different ways, but from our various adversities, opportunities for change have arisen.

    So, without further ado, here's where we're currently grappling at on Wandering Star Online:

    We're building a setting with enough content to start the party, and the room to grow more as the site does.
    From the beginning, the main storytellers and I agreed that we'd start small in Wandering Star, with our initial constraint last year to design just one star system as deep as possible. Coming up with content for societies, people, items, companies, and the physics of the setting has been an arduous task.

    Running parallel to this were investigations of format for things like plot pages - in addition to active idea tennis and world building - in the form of my Phoenix Team, Doc's Herald, and other jaunts. After all, its easier to figure out how to structure plot pages when you have a plot that needs a writeup, and consider what needs to be in the setting as you require it by playing it.

    From this trial RP'ing (which will continue), investigation, brainstorming, and other activities, the team has been able to deliver! Locations for roleplaying are well fleshed out, races have been getting write-ups, cultures devised to enjoy, companies to work for, societies to live in, magic and psionics to wield; and opportunities for adventures great and small.

    Our main storytellers are beginning to branch into making new systems for the arrival of the Lorath and the upcoming LSDF Val'ta 2 plot, and for new opportunities to come by the Aleph Cluster - and perhaps even beyond!

    When are the birds coming to roost?
    The Lorath are on their way, and the Herald plot is directly linked to their arrival, as its crew are dealing with the effects of Detranslation, fighting for their survival and a way back. Once the plot concludes, I anticipate that the formal introduction of the Lorath will take place shortly afterwards.

    In the meantime, we have people working on transporting the Lorath articles over, and rewriting them in the process. There's a lot of work ahead of them, and I commend them for soldiering on. Having all the relevant background will also help with getting the LSDF Val'ta running, once we're closer to a confirmed date.

    In the meantime, here's a Lorthet. He's testing the Animal template for us, and the little bastard is being paid in flavoured corn chips and access to a games console.

    It's All Because of You!
    It has always been my firm belief that the vibrant enthusiasm from the best players and storytellers which makes the best experiences comes from mentorship, and a strong community which empowers players with the confidence to tell their story, and speak freely when they're relaxing together. Bonds like this require a great deal of trust, respect, and time.

    They're not always things we can have when we want, but we should value the moments when we do, and make the most of them together. After all without you, Wandering Star wouldn't be possible, and I'm extending a gracious thanks from the admin team to you! For your continued patience as we get this show up and running.

    Some Personal News!
    I have moved out of my parent's house, and I am currently writing to you from a laptop connected to a mobile phone. Slowly and steadily, I am transferring my belongings (especially my books - sheesh! So many of them!), getting to know the neighbourhood, and figuring out who to internet set up with. I will be back at peak performance as soon as I can.

    The best part about the place is that I have access to dog therapy with the best long doggo.

    Thanks for reading and playing, don't adjust your set, and I'll see you around here or on our Discord Channel!
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