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    Sargasso Public Safety Units - Class 4 Watch-And-Act Alert

    The following broadcast is for residents of Wayward Mall, Middleton, Flatiron's Hill and Dripton on Barrier Island; Plainview and Little Arkham for Ogonori Island, and Shakershore.

    Be advised that there is a migration of the Sargasso Slime scheduled to move along the eastern coasts and islands of Sargasso, coming from the jungles up north, moving with the wet weather patterns endemic to this time of year.

    Citizens and business owners are advised to stay clear of beaches and low areas while it is raining. Sargasso Slime travels over land during rainfall, and they preferring to stay in creeks, drainage channels, rainforest foliage and rock pools in dry conditions.

    Sargasso Slime causes acidic burns to unprotected skin when in contact for prolonged periods. Its teal pigmentation and maesus core are visible in bodies of water. Douse affected areas in cold running water. A robust specimen is around two cubic feet - or approximately fifty seven litres in volume.

    Sargasso Slime can be destroyed by attacking and destroying the Maesus - the nucleus core and 'brain' of the Sourcian creature. Puncturing weapons, cutting weapons, rapid cooling and freezing weaponry, and concussive force are ideal means of attack, but bludgeoning weapons are ineffective at breaking the outer skin. Be advised the maesus may move within the parameters of the Slime so as to dodge incoming harm.

    Brushers: Stone and Lead level personnel are eligible to get bonus points per 20 distinct maesii of slime safely redirected from residential areas or destroyed. Silver Brushers and above are invited oversee pest control efforts and culls.

    Sourcians: As this is a popular cultivar among complex Sourcians, you are invited harvest these as you see fit. No permits are required, but no protections will be offered.

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