Message [RAA] Raiconian Alliance Announcement - First Broadcast and an Offer to Other Nations

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    - This message has been broadcasted on most channels open to receive it, without regard to ownership of the channel -

    Screens remained dark for several seconds before a bright gold began creeping along the edges. In the center, five white dots formed a pentagon, thin white lines connecting each one. Below them, a red arch faded in. Above, a golden arch. The camera pulled back to reveal that the symbols belonged to a banner attached to the side of a stone building, fluttering in the wind, alongside five other flags bearing various symbols of other clans.

    The image faded out before being replaced by the view of the front of an expansive metal and stone building. Thick, black pillars held up the sloped roof, each one adorned with countless letters of a script likely foreign to anyone receiving the broadcast. A wide staircase led up to a pair of wooden doors as ornate as the pillars and as tall as a house. The symbol from the flag seen earlier was carved into the center of the door, along with the symbols of the other five clans.

    At the top of the steps, a podium had been erected. A Raiken clad in an decorated white robe with red trim stood behind it, his hulking, gray-scaled form overshadowing the three others next to him. Two of them bore the robes of the Alliance Military and armed as such, while the last one held a book in his hands. He was furtively studying its pages.

    The Raiken behind the podium’s booming voice came soon after, each syllable firmly enunciated in a tone that one could only describe as gravelly. He spoke in his native tongue, a harsh dialect that seemed to punch the listener with every word.

    Another voice spoke after each word in Common, though the accent was thick.

    “Greetings, starwalkers. I am Orilaz of Elder Clan Ormroth, Speaker of the Grand Council of the Alliance.”

    Orilaz paused, casting his gaze over to his translator, who had stopped flipping through his book to return his superior’s gaze. They exchanged a few quick phrases in their native tongue before Orilaz turned his attention back to the camera and began speaking again. The translator had taken a step away from Orilaz, his brow furrowed.

    “The Alliance of Raiken has deemed it in our interests to further relations with our neighbors. We have begun training many of our ambassadors to speak your tongue and have made arrangements to allow speakers of your own Alliance’s to meet with ours.”

    The image shifted to a pan over a collection of structures clustered around a lake with crystal blue water. Behind them, a mountain seemed to bob up and down ever so slightly. It became readily apparent that these structures had been situated on some sort of floating islands, which had been linked together. Flora was more than abundant, giving it the appearance that it was some sort of getaway, rather than a meeting ground.

    “Here, at Emkal’roshya, we have created a dedicated space for your speakers to converse with our own, as well as speak with any of the clans who deem it fit to establish a presence here. The Elder Clans have already given their word that they will do so.”

    The image faded back to Orilaz atop the steps leading up to the Grand Council of Alliance’s meeting house. He extended his arms and offered a wide grin filled with sharp teeth.

    “On the behalf of the Raiken people, I invite our neighbor starwalkers to visit us.”

    After the image faded to black, a series of star coordinates popped up on the screen, providing the location of the planet that Orilaz had mentioned.

    - Transmission End -
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