News Public Safety Announcement: Beware Chelti Celebrating Scrimbo Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Communications and News' started by Jimmy, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Chelti residents are expected to celebrate their holiday of Scrimbo tomorrow, with such activities as improper handling of fireworks, high levels of noise pollution, and excessive drinking of alcohol. The annual public brawl is to be expected as well, attendees are expected to provide their own helmets for the traditional running at each other event.

    • Stay with their friends and family
    • Avoid irresponsible use of fireworks and alcohol
    • Take care of all shopping needs in a timely manner to avoid confrontation
    • Remain calm and carry on eating
    Be on high alert in the following districts
    • Redfield. High concentrations of partying expected
    • Drill Plains. Various vehicular misuse expected
    • Flatirons Hills. Recent sightings of chelti have been more common lately in this vicinity.
    The weather is expected to be perfect with a gentle ocean breeze and moderately hot temperatures at 32 degrees, humidity at 61.
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