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    Sargasso Magical University, South-West Building, Central Teacher's Lounge
    The funny thing about working for the Phoenix Team, and Luca in particular had mostly inoculated Breyja to the stranger things and weirder stuff that Sargasso was rapidly turning into. She had a few disadvantages. Mostly not knowing the place nearly so well. But in the short few months she'd been boots on ground she was finding that her families jokes and tales about their Merc exploits and some of them being 'on the strange side of weird' suddenly made a lot more sense. She was midway through pulling a few small shards of splintered wood from a nasty cut on one students arm and getting it swiftly stitched up. A stray round had splintered a wooden desk somewhere earlier and the student hadn't been able to do much but wrap it. Now? it had a fresh set of stitches and was wrapped as she tossed the bloody gloves into her bag and looked at the Greenie asking about headcounts and financials.

    Crone... got a long suffering look from the Maidenhand as she checked the SMG on her thigh once more, "My financial status is 'Paid In Full'." It was near deadpan as her ears began twitching, a sixth sense or something similar was digging at the back of her mind. Where...those shotgun blasts? And getting closer? She'd glance towards said door and sigh quietly as she swiftly grabbed the nearest desk, flipped it over with a kick. She wasn't even exactly sure when she'd drawn her SMG. But when Luca came flying through the door a series of high velocity rounds started paring back any others that had caught up amidst Luca dealing with his unexpected hitch hiker. Crone helping close up the door left Breyja mostly slackjawed. As did the removal and lecturing of her boss as she snickered quietly, and sat down on the edge of Greens desk while she repacked her triage kit and found the rolled up kit marked 'In case of Luca'.

    "So. Nets back up. The police are mostly doing their job. Evacuations going somewhat smoothly. You've got about a hundred more kills on me this time, I need to step my game." She'd glance towards Green, "All financial questions can be directed towards him. After we're done with the next crisis on the list. He collects them, like knick-knacks." Off the desk she went as she stuffed the rolled package into Luca's arms, "Cleanup - Stims, crashkit, water, and a reload for your rifle." All the essentials. IT may have only been two mags but it'd be better than nothing.

    To: PT-Chat
    FR: Breyja
    SBJ: Boss is on me, Crone and Stranger on Location as well, Suggest we rally here if possible - Are...those ghosts...?
    The last bit of her message was truncated as her eyes followed out towards the hardlight ghosts, "We got a plan for this right?"
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    Sargasso Magical University, South-West Building, Roof

    Snuffles huffed loudly and rolled over the lip of the building, catching their breath and resting for a moment.

    "Ez maybe heard hem on lower floor. Ez easy to track, follow reduced vegetable." Snuffles replied.

    With a groan they hauled themselves upright and sighed, before taking up their weapon from the strap over their shoulder and going to follow their own advice, following the trail of destruction throughout the building they had just scaled.
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    Seiren quickly punched out several responses as he hopped up the Galacta Custom to mount in.

    To: PT
    FR: Seiren
    MSG: Give me 30 seconds and those ghosts won't be a problem. Probably. Wave Array Wonder Laser at 72% charge. ;)
    I'll be by shortly if anybody wants to hitch a ride on my mech.
    The mecha rolled across the campus to the building Luca and company were holed up in, where Seiren extended a manipulator arm to tap on the window where the party was before laying down the law on any straggling broccoli men outside. Namely with custom, mech-grade SucroSpikes.
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    Ravnir paid little mind to the police, staff, and students milling about as he merely rested in the middle of a impromptu battlefield, sitting cross-legged with Cirul Aira buried in the ground next to him. His gaze settled on the approaching mass of glowing light. 'Ghosts', if the messages pinging off his messenger were to be believed. He hummed and rested his heavy head on his bridged fingers as he considered this. "Spirits are not meant to rise from their rest unless called. I wonder who is calling so many," He mused aloud. He pondered it for another minute or two, humming to himself as he dredged his memories for seeing any such spirits in such a state. He could only recall seeing Delras mere days ago after Ulrinyar sent him to walk the Star Paths. "But they aren't like her."

    "Honored ancestors deserve their rest, whomever raises them is truly wretched, Ravnir," Delras called to him from within, voice lined with scorn. "Even if they do not belong to our Spirit Clan."

    Ravnir nodded and wrapped his digits around Cirul Aira's grip, using his blade and tail as leverage to rise back to his feet. Once he was standing, he plucked his sword from the ground and rested it across his shoulder. "Then I should return them to their rest, if I may." He wasn't sure if Cirul Aira or his magic would have any effect on the ethereal, but he supposed it was worth a try. He figured it would at least be more effective than his fist or a bullet.
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    Sargasso Magical University, South-West Courtyards
    Bursts of sugary spikes were getting through the armoured shells of the broccoli soldiers, but they only had staying power once the targets were pin cushioned against a tree or the walls. The ghosts summoned by Stranglehold Omega were unable to pass through the barrier, and the Raiken could see that the inventor's ploy had worked out in their favour - the technological origin of these 'ghosts' of the planet's inhabitants were at bay. Perhaps a technological world's spirit had to be placated much the same way.

    Even so, panic was setting in as the proximity to combat against the last broccoli troopers within the interior of the University Grounds and awful sight of synthetic phantoms slithering and crawling against the bubble was getting the better of the crowd making their way. There had to be a way to open up the uni building further to assist with the evacuation, as the rainstorms left high waters and flooding. Police had to continue guiding the evacuees, splitting their attention and confusing the rescue effort.

    Unfortunately, the need to open things answered sooner and with a different barrier to break than everyone had wanted, and by someone nobody wanted to expect. A shear between reality came crashing through with a dark silhouette, smouldering to blend with the night sky behind the dome. The machine stood over three storeys tall and loomed uncertain of exact stature and armament, owing to how the machine refused to be identified in such plain sight and within the sensor network, shimmering in light obscuring smoke.

    The pop which Driver had used to leap between realities was the focus of everyone's attention within the Common Room. Luca realised who had returned all too suddenly; Hair on edge as he sensed the vibrations of an overclocked engine - the way they made the windows rattle even from hundreds of metres away. "He's here." He said, looking toward the window with his shotgun up and motioning for students to get close to the wall behind him as he scanned the outdoors for the source of the noise. Seiren couldn't see anything on his sensors, but he sure heard a noise.

    Yttrium, stepping and striding as her distinct footfalls came knocking on the opposite side of the door Luca had come through. Crone took notice immediately and let the door swing open for the Crude and the Chelti sneaking immediately behind them. "I think this place would look better if you painted it in a shade of blue, wouldn't you think?" She was trying to be coy to get Luca's attention when she saw his back to her, a little shaken by all of the chlorophyll carnage he'd wrecked in the rooms before. "Lulu?" She queried, voice low as she tiptoed on hydraulic heels to get closer, bending over his head and trying to persuade his attention. It wasn't long before she could sense it too, and her mood sunk as she saw what Luca spotted.

    ♫ Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer ♫

    Tendrils of smoke followed a flurry of missiles heading towards the windows, and Luca stood back with a gasp. "Incoming!" He called out, leaping for cover before the windows burst inwards into glass confetti with the first impacts. Yttrium was caught off guard and fell backwards in hitting the deck with a thud onto her backside, shaken up by the blastwaves. Cordial was in front of Crone immediately, shielding his ward from the blast. The green slime in the room was shaken and discombobulated by the shockwaves disrupting their bureaucratic desires, while the chelti was too far from the exploding façade to worry about the worst of it as the door was slammed shut right behind them. Seiren's Galacta Custom jerked out of the way with a dodge as the co-pilot was watching Seiren's back, but a handful of the score of missiles had struck Galacta Custom, shields dwindling to 60%.

    From out of the smoke and dust and the cries of terrorised students, Driver's mecha materialised before the ruined common room, lazily surveying the grounds of the university. "Cute dome you and your team managed to throw together." Driver belittled everyone through speakers in their organically enhanced mecha, the exact pinpoints of their voice uncertain to all onlookers, gravelly with a warlock's power. "Too bad it's now keeping me in here with you until I break it - and once this dome comes off, the world will see the wages of our heroism. Thousands of the dead with which for me to conquer Sargasso, and no more heroes once an example gets made of you!"

    An unseen missile was launched from Driver's form, spiralling towards Luca with a whizz. Watching its trajectory and anticipating its movement, he blasted it out of the sky with a shotgun blast. "Are you done, yet?" The man in red asked as pieces of missile casing flew past. He weary with his former partner's senseless destruction in his quest for a purpose when his working life of violence had come to an end - so much blood and heartache had been caused by the Driver up to this point, and when Luca got to catch his breath his mind was made up: "You're coming with me in a heap." He made a simultaneous broadcast: "Phoenix Team, new objective: Kill Driver."

    With no Grapple Stunner with which to work with, Luca knew it was going to be a straight-up slug-fest: A mecha versus mecha brawl as Seiren's Galacta custom was supported by the irregular team up in the ruins of the common room and down on the ground - the height of which just out of reach of Ravnir. The only problem was the lack of concrete targeting or sense on Driver - all attacks would have to be close up or from a line of sight. The Galacta Custom was of shorter stature, but it had been charging something big just for an occasion like this. Driver wasn't going to make it easy to land though - the weald-driven warrior had an idea of how Luca's resources conducted themselves in a fight, and he hadn't shown his latest machine's full hand just yet.
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    Herewhere, Sargasso

    Remember what I showed you.

    Seiren wheeled about to face the other mecha, but was too slow before the first volley scored his shields and the Driver had blinked. The young inventor swore, slamming a button and changing the mounted Sucrospike into a more widemouthed apparatus, which when he met the Driver's new place, launched a glob of superheated sucre with the intent of gumming up the works. Fragmentary memories of a friend long gone crept into Seiren's head.

    Your best protection is not to be hit. I will teach you how to be fast.

    Seiren's arms moved quickly across his console, the small mecha hissing and unbolting many pieces. Most of it was heavier armor, there to take hits when Seiren was saving his focus for situations like this. Some of it was ammo reserves for the Sucrospike - though at this point, the two barrel units dropped held more than enough for this fight and beyond, right now he had enough left for two globs.

    Once the plates were gone, the sleeker form of the Galacta Custom revealed itself to have many, many circular discs embedded in its frame. Something that the original vehicle never had. There wasn't much time for anybody to focus on this as he pulled a rod embedded in the beltline of the vehicle and pulled a long, metal whip. Suddenly the whip went rigid, and he bore down on the corrupted antagonist.

    Tell me, have you ever tried fencing?

    He focused. Lunged.
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    "That's a lot of missiles."
    that was what her mouth said even as she was scrambling to get the riot shield from her back. Stranger took over for covering Crone, but Breyja's objective was the nearby cluster of students and faculty as she fought to stay standing in the blast even after angling the shield to deflect debris aside. The petite maidenhand had fallen to a knee but remained otherwise foul-tempered, waving her shield arm to waft away as much smoke as she could reminded her to once again thank Seiren for the device. It was rapidly becoming her new favorite piece of equipment. Hopefully this one lasted more than one engagement...

    Once the smoke cleared enough for Breyja to stare out from the building at the weald-corrupted mecha the shield was put away in favor of her only weapon that may even possibly tickle the beast, "I'm..uh not even sure my railgun can hurt that thing... even if we pry armor off it and I get a shot at coolant lines, servo's or even driver himself." what she did have confidence in however was her teammates as she snapped the freshly cooled longbarrel into place and cycled in a new magazine, She didn't even pick a target as she braced the weapon over a windowsill and picked out and eyeball before firing. whatever glass had remained in the window summarily was blasted clear as she absorbed the recoil and began hunting for another target...
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    A half-dome of stone and metal emerged from the magic-soaked ground, deflecting loose bits of shrapnel and concrete flung into the air from the multitude of explosions above his head after a strange mecha appeared. "Spirits, now walking machines. The day only grows stranger with each drop of rain," Ravnir muttered to himself before applying his palm to the inside of his makeshift shelter. "Erinsa." The stone flashed red, glowing hot before vibrating, increasing in pitch before shards of hardened metal shot towards the mysterious mech containing the one called 'Driver', much like a volley of arrows.

    With his shelter converted into magical ammunition, Ravnir grasped Cirul Aira and slung it over his shoulder, sizing up his newest opponent. To fell an Ironscale by starting high in its branches is folly. Those who stand tall only risk falling all the harder. Delras mused from within. He nodded and set his gaze on the mechanical legs of the monstrous machine. "Time to fell an Ironscale then," He growled under his breath before launching himself forward into a sprint, heavy footfalls leaving deep marks in the soil as he charged at full tilt, adding his momentum to the crushing power of Cirul Aira.
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    Snuffles blinked as bits of facade and teammates flew past them, before sniffing loudly in that classic understated chelti way of a difficult task ahead. Wiping their snout with a wrist as they eyed up the massive machine through the large hole in the wall, alien eyes taking in the situation as much as the mind boggling extra-dimensional effects allowed.

    Snuffles nodded to themselves, and got out one of their most powerful tools. A communication device. Skimming through their contacts, the alien found the one he was looking for and pressed it. Waiting a moment for it to be picked up.

    “Ez Snuffles! Red Man needing help. Are watching news? Yes, ez that one…” Snuffles peered outside, listening to the reply for a moment for walking over to Crone and holding it out to them.

    “Ez be of wanting to talk to you.” Said the alien.
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    Sargasso Magical University, Driver's Battlefield
    A blinkering in the luminous backdrop in the sky became apparent from the southern portion of the grounds - one of the many missiles launched by Driver originally had spiralled off into the distance and slammed into the base of a pylon. This blinkering was giving some of the ghosts purchase to begin filtering into the grounds. They wouldn't be a problem immediately though - the Driver and their smoke-shrouded mecha was facing off with Seiren.

    "K-Kill!?" Yttrium hesitated after hearing Luca's stern order; Covering his dash into battle was a battery of explosives, each launched from the Crude - new modules arose from her bust and launched cans, packed with reactant explosives synthesised within Yttrium with the aid of Luca's adjustments. "Here I go...!" The smoke trails left by hers were a distinct blue colour, arcing across the field and cutting Driver's path of movement off, and giving Driver that moment's hesitation the inventor needed to capitalise.

    Sucrotic globules had already begun hardening in the rushing air against the shrouded mecha, creating some reflective splatters which could escape the obscuring clouds, and give everyone a better bead on Driver. Seiren and Cosmo's movements synchronised to lunge forward in Galacta Custom, shedding their heavy armour in the process for a burst of speed that Driver's raised saw-fist couldn't deflect in time. The point of the blade pierced through the inner workings of Driver's mecha in the gut - halting suddenly, caught.

    Driver leveraged a shift in his mecha's internal workings with a backhanded strike from the previously defensive saw-fist, raking Galacta Custom across the shoulder and arm with crude saws. Before the antagonist could stick their fist in to mutilate the machinery further, a crack rung out as Breyja took a shot at the jaw of the mecha - and their shields were still down - was it a headshot?

    Driver's close ranged brawling continued a moment later, the maidenhand presumed that Driver was not located within the 'head', but somewhere in the bust of the thing. This raised questions on how close Seiren's skewering was - or if it grazed Driver at all! The antagonist retreated with Seiren in tow, brawling and chasing through the faltering dome, threatening to break it apart from inside, shields recharging - all the while, Breyja was on the run by something firing slugs at her from behind the smoke - but she couldn't get a bead on it from behind all the concealment - drones of some sort?

    Just beneath the fighting Mecha, Ravnir had called upon the earth of a curated garden walked by generations of spell-slingers, drawing it out of its previous order to defend the grounds from Driver's otherworldly mecha. Ferrous sheets warping and bending with Ravnir's command to protect the Raiken before a spray of metal shards through the air peppered Driver's flank, clashing against shields to disrupt their recharge cycle and opening the mech up for further attack - starting with swinging for the legs and assisting Seiren on foot - effectively making two fighters against the mecha.

    Unfortunately up top and from behind the smoke and from unseen weaponry, Luca and Yttrium were driven behind a pillar by a strafe of cannon fire; Festooned with a collapsed shelving rack that was full of books. "Aiiiieeeee! Lulu!" Yttrium made bitcrunched squeals as she flattened down to hide from a stream of lasers from behind the black shadows. "They're trying to kill you, and me! Where are they even shooting from!?"

    Tactically, things were looking limited for Luca and the Crude - but no anxiety came across Luca's features; "Good question - I'd rather they do it softly, with a song even!" There had to be a way to close the distance and get out of being pinned down without the Grapple Stunner, and the man in red realised there was a solution squatting down next to him to get out of dodge and draw attention to himself.

    ♫ Metal Slug 3 - Assault Theme ♫

    Outside the battlefield meanwhile, April Zanetti was assisting the police with evacuating and protecting the evacuees, gliding and dancing across the raging storms outside of the bubble in her tailor-made suit of powered armour. Instant walls and bridges were springing up from Toymaker's belt - festooned with wonderful toys of hers - to overcome obstacles, redirect the water flow, and halt debris from destroying what'd already been created.
    From what she was overhearing from radio chatter and the tremors in the ground which escaped the faltering dome not far from her, she couldn't help but wonder if Luca or the people he seemed to collect would ever let something go down quietly for a change.

    Something had clicked for Luca - despite the Driver being tied down by fighting Seiren in close combat, something was still peppering shots at everyone - and he saw the tail ends of them at the edges of the smoke - autonomous gun pods - drones fitted with guns controlled by the mecha. "Blue," Luca asked, reloading his shotgun with slugs, and checking that Seiren's gifted EMP grenade was primed. "Can you throw me?" He felt like the only one with a bead on Driver's exact position and movement - he had to give his team that opening.

    Yttrium was reconstituting some of her external form from the surface-level damage she'd sustained in the fracas, pumping a reservoir tank of petrol into herself for a quick hydrocarbon boost. New explosives ordinances were fermenting inside of her. "What?" The gynoid replied, briefly confused as she checked her joints were smooth. Her eye searched his expression pleadingly - Luca was rolling his eyes and tutting.

    "Throw me-" He repeated stiffly, poking his head over cover, watching Driver's flying mecha through its dashing, weaving and smoky shroud with Seiren and avoiding Ravnir down below. Without the rain and the familiar din of battle to weigh on his senses, and a new-found clearness in catching his breath, Luca realised that Driver was leading where he intended to create smokescreens to hide gun pods within, attacking autonomously while Driver dealt with Seiren directly. Luca had just recognised the patterns and the strategy being used, and a counter-attack was stirring in his mind. "-at Driver. I'll handle the rest."

    When Yttrium was aghast at the idea with her pleasing eye, Luca chimed in: "I wouldn't lead you through all this danger and ask you to do this-" A line of bullets flailing wildly across the grounds cut through his conversation momentarily "-if I didn't trust you, or anyone else in Phoenix Team, doll." He smiled as he elbowed the Crude in her arm - in the heat of such high risks, he could hold what was considered casual conversation, listening for a break in the shooting as he turned over onto his knees and shook his rump, indicating for the Crude to grab him. "Now, go long!"

    Just behind them, Crone took the telephone receiver from the Chelti, from behind a barrier thoughtful enough to include the paper-cycling slime and the contingent of students she had responsibility over. The pupils and remaining faculty were already making their way out through the back door as directed by Crone - who was on speaking terms most dangerous heroes in Sargasso. "Young woman, I'm calling a favour of the utmost urgency, a matter of many lives-"

    She saw Luca getting picked up and thrown outside by Yttrium, thrown as fastball into flight on hardlight wings, the man heading out far and covering the far distance from Ravnir and Breyja at - he was also staying far away to make a swoop at Driver once the opportunity presented itself and Seiren disengaged. I'll crack him open like a crab, then put an end to this. Luca mused - his attention interrupted by the gun pods now going after him - forcing evasive manoeuvres. This gave Yttrium and Breyja the openings they needed, but now the pods had spotted Ravnir as a target, peppering him with rapid-fire lasers and slugs.

    Back at the common room, Crone could feel the presence of someone important falling off the grid suddenly, causing her to pause and lose her sentence before resuming, "-this is not work of the Weald, young woman. The powers at play here tonight are something wrong."
    On the other side of the line, Harumi replied that she was watching it unfold from the television in her den, and the storm which'd forced her to close shop early wasn't forecast at all.
    Crone wasn't sure if all the force of the Phoenix Team could cope with the long term consequences of future interactions with this and having its attention...

    Far away and pleased that at least one of her sisters had 'cashed in' on this opportunity she was presenting, Temhebu agreed with that old woman that it would be wrong - from her miniscule point of view anyway. When you had a million different points of view to slip in and out of, masks to paint on layer by layer, lie by lie by lie, what was right - or wrong? It was all beheld by Temhebu.
    This knowledge in her grasp beheld the opposition to her grand plans getting its act together in different levels as news of the events at Sargasso University were unfurling to the public within the hour - spearheaded by that tempest in red. "Tch..." The situation was no longer in her total control, but it didn't have to be. The phasma figured it was time for to withdraw cooly, and let Driver sink or swim in order to cover her retreat.
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