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RP [Phoenix Team] - Sounds in the Night

Discussion in 'Phoenix Team' started by Luca, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Sargasso, Grounds of SMU, South-East
    Finch lobbed the artillery shell - all fifteen-odd pounds of warhead, propellant and metal cartridge sailing towards the grounds of the Mage's University. The projectile had pitched forward and landed on its side oblique to the direction of the wrongness. Nevertheless, it rolled over the stony dirt path and over the grass and eventually came to a stop before the treeline whereupon Finch and his cousins could report feeling something looking at it so hard, the mortar had flung itself back and landed warhead first into the dirt a few feet away. Ravnir was pressing forward into the grounds, the heft of every footfall leaving light tremors and imprints in the grass, noises drowned out bypounding rain and the rumble of distant thunder, obscured by towering cumulonimbus.

    With the gift given from the inventor, Ravnir could see that many of the trees he could break had their ideal breaking points highlighted in rings around the boughs, tagged as breakable with a solid chop. Something had the time to read and calculate how Ravnir moved and applied their strength, based on live combat data gathered and approximated by the systems around the Raiken: Luca's, Breyja's, Seiren's, maybe Snuffles' had a device too - they all were gathering data, watching, learning and observing movement, communications, intelligence over a digital format familiar to their ilk. Deep slices within a moment to be read there and then, in hindsight, or by the next of kin.

    Ravnir's gut was feeling uneasy at the prospect of being catalogued this way, all of the sudden - but did such a thought seem to swoop in from the cold, a sudden negative tangent upon genuine gifts sullied by powers malevolent? Looking up through the bushes, the raiken could sense that he was being watched by someone from afar, and when they looked north, they thought they saw someone sitting on a bench, completely serene and absorbed in a book - occasionally glancing to admire a stopped fountain despite the storm raging around them; Though their back was turned and the ... person seemed completely calm in the storm, Ravnir's intuition felt that this thing in a squishy-person's shape was the source of the wrongness. He just didn't have words for it immediately.

    Breyja was upon a vantage point, watching Ravnir's blip head into the forested area, scanning through the footage and aggregated public photography data to map it out, inconsistencies and question marks were appearing when she compared what her data had captured compared to what she was looking at. It was as though the positions of each tree and path gathered by the data points all correlated with each other. But reality for Breyja - or perhaps only her perception - was simply not lining up any more. Then, a message - but even that didn't come through on a known codec - was there technological interference in the air?

    On the opposite end of the campus, Snuffles was moving ahead with Sparrow flittering from branch to branch to stay out of the cold. Though Sparrow had more nerve and vinegar than the average ill-tempered and foul-mouthed avian, they couldn't ignore the fundamental 'fuckery' in the air. "Fucken' animals aren't staying in," Sparrow observed dryly as they saw squirrels and raccoons high-tailing it away from the centre of the grounds. As Snuffles pushed ahead, the alien begun seeing what her cousins were - so much overwhelming vision of eyes, dripping from every tree and down the side of each building on campus, all looking, watching, gazing. The walls were being painted with the vestiges of a world of mad dreams, brought to life by the Forgotten Gift's obsessions and psychosis; Splattering in rivulets and spreading like kudzu, to smear the here and now in colours out of visible sight which offended sensibilities in the spectrum of the soul, the concept of the sense of vision.

    Just off the western side of SMU, the boldly brachiating Seiren was joined soon as Luca's blip leapt from the southernmost building of the campus, aiming straight for the centre against the wind and rain. Even as eyes watched them both from the dark under-hangs of buildings and in the corners of their vision, the two men were joined by Yttrium landing nearby from a quartet of hydraulic hops and skips lead her bounding along the path. As she approached the campus' forested interior, she saw, and was seen, and lost her nerve in the face of magic she couldn't understand, but could feel. "Lulu! What's going on? There's all this ... interference in the air and - and EYES!" Yttrium suddenly found herself unusually self-conscious as she pointed some out behind Luca.

    Luca stopped on a skid, looking ahead towards the position of the woman in the park. "This isn't just a storm, that lady over there-" he indicated, ignoring all eyes on him, likely even hers "-must be a Weird, Elder level at least." At rest, he could feel Ravnir's footfalls in the ground, and figuring that the Raiken had pushed ahead and moved. Suddenly, Luca's communications begun acting up. Notifications begun flooding in and opening themselves, and indeed a cascading effect of unsettling messages begun appearing all over Phoenix Team's communications network.
    Luca was watching the sigils on his communications holograms dance and reform before his eyes, and he clicked his tongue in annoyance, deciding not to pry any further now that introductions were made and the tone was set for the encounter. "This much is certain: They are a psionic of a magnitude most powerful, " He surmised to Yttrium and Seiren, "with a very active imagination that's leaking out of control, the ability to mess with sensors and digital systems, and the ability to compel with words - because who else could a champion be, but someone like Driver?" Then, he got his answer as the storm slowly begun to drown out from his perception, an ethereal voice creeping in as he dashed. Was it in those words, or was there something over the hill of bad possibilities, waiting just for him? Aw, shit. Luca realised.

    I like your style. The Forgotten Gift said. I should wear it as midnight for my next meeting with the investors, once my Champion strikes you down. Luca slowed down a little to shake his head, grunting from the invasive thought. Temhebu closed her book. I can hear six heartbeats, six lives against this storm, six risks you're willing to take, yourself included am I correct? Luca made a hand signal for the others to slow down as he put his fingers against his forehead: They knew the risks. Temhebu turned around in their seat, now looking over with their singular, piercing eye. Come on, order your group to turn around and leave. You've done enough for Sargasso - I'll even let you keep doing it without a care in the world- Even in the midst of a psionic assault and a forceful proposal, Luca surmised that there'd be a catch -so long as you stay out my way. Do we have a deal, eleventh hour diplomat style, mister hero?

    Seiren could see a rivulet of blood starting to drip from Luca's nose, and he took notice quickly. Yttrium also fretted as she saw her supposed ward bleeding, but saw that the woman's singular eye was now - smiling - a mouth full of too many teeth. Luca meanwhile was feeling the sound of rain flooding back in, wind rushing, the humidity all snapped back to here and now, as he found a centre deep in the core of his being that kept him going, challenging, on the edge of dying and coming back for more - it was all for others, for those who put his faith and trust in him, and for them, there'd be no backing down. "No." Luca challenged the Phasma openly, flinging his bloody hand aside to crack his knuckles - Seiren could feel, and his scans were indicating strong psionics from the woman ahead, and some signals from Luca all of the sudden. "Where's your champion, then!"

    Not the ideal response, but not outside Temhebu's comprehension, based on their assessment of the other former EAD which caught her interest. That gutsiness killed foolhardy men every day. Temhebu had let men, women, those wronged however glancingly by Temhebu's investments, have a moment in the limelight of her creation before being crushed under heel - there was a difference in this one though was a much more personal connection with her chosen champion - a new angle of dynamics which could serve as the perfect distraction while they made a getaway with their goods. They stood up from their bench and spoke again, mouth of a thousand voices as their illusory skin of a demure woman sloughed away, showing Temhebu - The Forgotten Gift in full. "I'm so glad you asked, because he's familiar to you, and he just finished what he needed to!" She snapped her fingers - Seiren's psionic detections suddenly spiked.

    Signals were coming in hot all around Seiren and Yttrium, with just enough clarity to know that something was out there, flung forth from places unseen to here and now, as the . In particular, a familiar cyborg in a racing suit rose from a yawning abyss of shadows behind Temhebu, with a gleaming pylon stone under his arm, handing it to the monstrosity. "Now, I'd love to stick around and watch the sparks between you two myself, but I'm I've an investment to cash in on." Temhebu turned around with the keystone for Stranglehold Omega in tow, dismissive. "I'll let security handle the res-"


    A grapnel from Luca had siezed the underside of the keystone, yanking it away from the Phasma and dragging it along the dirt towards him - before the stone disintegrated within the hooks and materialised back in Temhebu's hands. "Cute, but no doughnut today, monkey boy. Have a nice death!" Luca meanwhile cursed his first plan not going forward, and saw Driver's attention levelling upon him, all eight feet of man staring Luca down. This was all but confirmed with this order: "Driver, kill!" Temhebu then appeared to drift away as planned, dropping herself through another place and time.

    And for those within Temhebu's favour, they too could be hurled through her nightmares with their consent, immunised from the effect it had on the psyche of ordinary people by desensitising them systematically to the awful truths the existence of such a being as Temhebu pried open by blasting them with brainwashing and just indoctrination. Gruppen Tanhauss had been iterating upon their latest grow-able fighting force, and Temhebu realised that such blooming bodies bereft of soul, empathy and and any trace cognition which didn't serve the company could travel without needing a primer in sleep paralysis.

    Thus, the threat of broccoli soldiers had returned, emerging from trees and shrubbery, dressed in the black and green of Tanhauss' premier security force, without enough brains to think for themselves but enough to fire at whatever they were told. Breyja could count dozens of them springing up, maybe even hundreds, depending on how serious Tanhauss was on protecting their interest.

    Driver descended quickly and fiercely, trying to open up with a swinging haymaker - Luca dodged as Driver had predicted with his shotgun up, zigging and leaving one of his sides open as Luca left a heavy slug in Driver's chest to no effect - difficult to spot in the moment, but Driver shot in after the dodge and grabbed Luca by the neck, hoisting him up and causing him to drop his shotgun."He's mine." Driver declared, before disappearing with a puff of eyes to fling himself through witching currents. To the others, Luca had just been whisked away, and in his wake were nothing but the broccoli soldiers, shambling and dripping with eyes from their trip through the hell-scape, waiting to apprehend.

    Yttrium was the first to freak out and panic at these developments, suddenly launching from an array of launch tubes Luca had grafted into one of her arms, conical mini-missiles snaking out as she spread fire from her fingertips in blind panic at a gaggle of broccoloid men, roasting them with sticky napalm. "Oh-OH GOODNESS! Where'd they take Lulu!?" Yttrium gasped, now mad as hell for what Tanhauss just did to her glom. While many of the Tanhauss broccoli soldiers were armed with simple smallarms, the sound of something heavier engaging and cocking could be heard, and another silhouette outside of everyone's view - similar in stature to Driver, but carried through Temhebu's tides differently - Breyja and Snuffles could recognise the outline of a light machine gun held with one hand - all Yttrium and Seiren saw was a big freaking gun. Ravnir however saw no threat from one squishy using weapons expected for other squishies.

    Illuminated by the flash of lightning and punctuated by the rumble of thunder, Driver and Luca's silhouettes could be seen atop the southernmost building of the campus. Suddenly in new surroundings, Luca pulled his pistol from his side and unloaded into Driver's neck - pragmatics causing Driver to drop him down and for Luca to give himself distance, rolling back via grappling hook and coming to his feet. "Dean! Dean Bodala! You've changed!" Luca yelled over the din around him, hoarse, "I figured you'd fall in with corporates for easy money, but what the fuck are toying with now, man?! Where's your sense of self?"

    The Driver stood, all eight feet of race-suited, helmeted and cybernetic menace. "Dean is no longer in this vessel." He stoutly declared. "Only Driver lives in this skin now. Die, Phoenix!" He begun running towards Luca, prepared to punch his face through his head, but Luca intercepted the incoming attack with a fist of his own - and the two men collided again, forehead to forehead in white hot anger. Thunder raged through the bays and oceans of Sargasso, as a migration of Sargasso Slime was making its way down the eastern coastline of Barrier Island, skirting the University grounds.
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  2. Moogle

    Moogle Administrator Staff Member


    "Fucking BROCCOLI!" One Jirou Harridan swore behind an overturned desk. The soundstage for Shinka Studios was empty of most of its employees save for him and his co-star, Kaede. Around them, the green-skinned disposable army of Tanhauss advanced, guns in tow.

    "E-everybody's already made it down t-to the panic room, it's just us now!" The cat-eared Maidenhand said, cowering behind the suspiciously sturdy desk.

    "And they laughed at my expenses! Who's laughing now?!" Decker said, channeling a ball of light before tossing it over their makeshift cover. Sounds of anguish were heard after a brilliant BOOM. "Alright, the Ordinant Hand isn't likely to get involved and we've been jammed so I can't activate any of my teams. . . Time for contingency C. Kaede, I need you to trust me - just like we rehearsed okay? The enchantments will work so long as we stick to the script."

    "But those were only made to take stunt explosions!"

    "Kaede, Kaede, Kaede. . . No. Now then, it's showtime!"

    Decker lobbed a ball of darkness over and the entire studio went black. Moments later, the shroud cleared and the pair stood in the center of the room, standing and posing.

    With a start, both Decker and Kaede slapped on toyetic belt buckles and activated them. The soldiers around them opened fire, but as the belts began to jingle the bullets began to deflect off their bodies.



    "Uh, what the fuck???"

    Seiren slammed a foot on the ground and discharged his kinetics, flinging himself backwards to the nearest building to give himself a nice solid wall to stop enemies from surrounding him with. Immediately, the PFWSS of his pistol rang out as he needled the spawning broccoli soldiers.

    "What the actual hell is going on?" He spat, crouching behind his shield to continue slamming soldiers with solidified sugar. "Am I gonna have to plan B this?"
  3. Sham

    Sham Member

    Ravnir trudged along with a heavy feeling in his gut, a frown adorning his rocky lips. The sense of something being 'off' only grew with each step and he wasn't too keen on diving headfirst into some unknown, probably magical, situation. Traveling the Star Paths wasn't nearly as bad. What made it worse was the simple fact that he hadn't seen the others yet. He knew they were close, or at least they had claimed to be. Ravnir hummed and kneeled for a moment, guiding his hand along the soft soil. "Delsir." With a familiar red flash, Cirul Aira started to 'grow' out of the ground, the two handed hilt sliding into Ravnir's waiting hand before he promptly plucked the blade from the ground, letting it come to rest on his shoulder before continuing on. If he didn't have the other Phoenix members, at least he could have his one true companion.

    He wouldn't be kept waiting much longer as he emerged onto the less forested grounds. In the distance, he spotted a strange figure on a bench. Not one of the others. But what would a squishy human being doing out here? They usually run from storms. His datapad pinging rapidly drew his attention for the moment and his brow furrowed as he read the scattered text. Forgotten Gift? It must not have been a very good one. Even I remembered this odd eyepiece. His frown only deepened as he read further. Cryptic as it was, it was certainly some sort of threat. "Forgotten gift must really want to be remembered if they're threatening us," He mused to himself as he tucked his datapad away once more, gaze returning to the odd person on the bench. Except they weren't there now. There was a much larger 'person' instead. Perhaps even worse was the emergence of the familiar 'plant people' that they had dealt with at the warehouse earlier.

    Ravnir hefted Cirul Aira and just shook his head. "I am glad these are no children of Surrai. Sargasso might be happy to see them gone," He said before charging forward with his blade ready to cleave through hordes of squishy plant people.
  4. Ashlinn

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    Sargasso, Grounds of SMU, Eastern rooftops
    [Thematically Appropriate buildup Tunes]

    Breyja's hackles rose slightly down the back of her neck as the magical fuckery in the air continued to play merry hell with her sensors, her optics and well...everything was driving the Maidenhands stress levels up a bit as her eyes dilated slightly and she found her breath picking up a notch with the...wrongness of it all. Fishing around hr pouches she began carefully crawling to each edge of her building and affixing small round eared objects to the sides of the building where the approach widened enough for them to 'see' movement on the approaches to her current perch. Her Ears folded each way, heedless of the wind and rain as the Forgotten Gifts plot was revealed in a not entirely happy manner to anyone, Oh... oh no.. nonononono not again. I am not losing another family.

    She however stayed off the comms and kept a running log of readings as the world suddenly went sideways. Luca and Driver were gone, the Weird vanished into whatever hell it inhabited and she felt, rather than heard, the muffled explosion of her perimeter mines starting to pop off and fire their payloads into the encroaching horde of decidedly deadly cannon fodder. And suddenly her scopes were clear and she could see. She didn't have angle on the massive machinegun just yet. Her canon did prove a minor hassle as she exhaled.

    Great Goddess! Now I realize
    That you are the creator of worlds!
    I name you as my Lady;
    Because you value everyone.

    The crack of her rifle jarred her aim slightly as the bipod slid slightly as it fought the slickness of the wet surface she'd leveled it upon, sparks flashed off the corner of a nearby building as she banked the round in order to reach a more distant target around a corner. It was a far shot and meant to be distracting for a moment as the mangled sabot spike tumbled through the broccoli near Yttrium. She idly watched one of the small objects she'd attached to a nearby corner roll over the edge as it's sensors tripped and detonated in a cloud of shrapnel, ["We need to funnel them into killzones! There's way too many of them, and not enough of us. I've got Eyes on Luca and Driver but can't take any shots without probably hitting our dear leader. Mark any big threats and I'll try and cap them before they bring anything bigger than small arms to bear on us."]

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  5. Jimmy

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    Some of the chelti standing around unloading the truck flinched as the shell flew back towards them, but Finch stood watching it and nodding appreciatively. He turned back to the maelstrom of wrongness and knew something bad was coming. Without a word heard the chelti started assembling something from the crates and boxes they had brought, fitting it together with efficient movements and the ratcheting of tools.

    "I apologize, Ravnir. It is rude to speak the dream around others." He said, before one of the other chelti started fitting a heavy harness around him.

    - - - - - -

    Snuffles stopped as the eyes appeared, while Sparrow jumped and swore loudly as the eyes appeared on the branch he was huddling on, swooping to land on Snuffles' eye free shoulder. The animals might have had the right idea even if they were behaving unnaturally. Chelti eyes didn't need technology to see something was very wrong, even if the Dream could not lie, it could still deceive. Although the Dream did focus upon Luca and Driver, unimaginable colors running between the two in friction-less opposition, like two hurricanes spinning in opposite directions but not touching.

    Snuffles could only watch as Driver and Luca were whisked away, leaving a mundane void, filled with the normative colors of the broccoli men, tinged by the insane magics of the phasma. The smell was the most repugnant thing about them, like sickened earth.

    Sniffles snorted to clear the scent from their nostrils and brought up their weapon. There was only one thing they could do right now, but at least the could do it well.

    - - - - - - -

    The first of the broccoli men to try and escape the University towards town was exploded into vegetable soup as a high impact shell hit it. Finch rolled his shoulders as the power lifted weapon under his arm juddered his aging joints.

    "Wasn't this bad in the old days." He commented, before taking aim and firing the autocannon again, a long line of ammunition trailing out of a crate helpfully held open by a nephew. The percussive blam sending high explosive mayhem into the gathering swarm of broccoli men, the rest of the cousins getting their fighting gloves on and snatching open a crate full of dangerous, very boxy looking firearms. However, not only did they fire mundane bullets, but the smell of roasted veges pervadedas microwave discouragement beams burned the sensory...parts of these organless men.
  6. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Galacta Candy, Seiren's Workshop
    ♫ No More Heroes (Dark Side OST) - N.M.H. (The Outer Rim Remix) ♫

    Static blasted through the feeds before April was forced to shut them off. Moments ago readings were spiking hard around Middleton before being overrun by interference, or some form of signal jamming. Grimacing and searching the console for other means of getting back in contact with Phoenix Team, April Zanetti flicked through other public channels - the network itself was still functioning, but the moment anything from the geographic area of Middleton was concerned, nothing came up - so much nothing there had to be something going on.

    "There's a localised jam, potentially magical or psionic - and very broad spectrum..." She mused as feed after feed came up empty-handed. She glanced down to Cosmo - the cosmic-coated MBF had a pair of key-sticks in his paws, placing them on the desk next to April. "Huh? What's this?" She felt a tug on the mesh outside of her powered armour, and Cosmo was pointing her towards Seiren's latest creation.

    Cosmo was nodding his head enthusiastically, rearing for Zanetti to step into the cockpit of Galacta Custom. Though nothing was said, much was inferred and interpreted by April as could be. "I see - guess I'm pulling a Phoenix now, because we have no idea what to expect going in." Cosmo barked twice as April took one of the key sticks and cricked her shoulders, pacing towards the mecha as the MBF sprinted on all fours to take the co-pilot's seat while April clambered into the pilot's chair.

    "Now, is this thing analogue, cyber, immersion, or...?" She figured it out as she went, while Cosmo was taking full control and guiding Galacta Custom toward a pair of geometric, handled containers whirring with computers, sensors, projectors and circuitry configured with the latest updates and hardware for the shield network. "We drop these off, and get our Pylon network back up and running, then." April reiterated as Cosmo typed the instructions out to her HUD. She nodded solemnly and put her hands on the joysticks, getting a feel for the gimballed arms within the cockpit. "Checks are green, all systems nominal! Right, andiamo!"

    In the storm battered exterior of Galacta Candy, shutters had been drawn and all moveable materiel had been mothballed in anticipation of monsoon floods. Such was procedure when Sargasso's perennial inclement weather battered the city. A roadway to guide cargo and guests suddenly lowered at an angle, and suddenly over the gates of Galacta Candy, the Galacta Custom made its maiden flight. The street just outside of the property was feeling the lashings of the storm, as high, hot and damp winds battered fronds, lamp posts, sandwich boards, and pedestrians, yet a navy blur with green highlights was flying against it, south-west towards Barrier Island...

    Sargasso, SMU, South-West Building and Grounds
    The corridors of Sargasso's premier magic university were still, save for the crawling eyes and distortions left as the men and women who stood mind for mind upon each other's shoulders found it all working against them now. Their deep understanding of what made the world weird had left them vulnerable, exposed to knowledges better left unknown by mortal minds.

    Many students ran for their lives back to their dormitories - there was no way to brave the storm. Attempts to photograph Temhebu's numerous eyes merely resulted in blanks, corruption, static and interference. No social media could reach outside of these prying eyes - networks were dead. The people in charge of the university were hamstrung - too much mental static in the air and too overwhelming a problem to arise in a critical moment - and only now was it realised that something vital and dangerous had gone missing during the chaos.

    Those who were in charge were able to identify each other from their proximity and seniority, but getting in contact with one another was all but impossible. Crone had warned a faculty member she didn't like to get no closer to the growing and watching eyes, to get out of sight and static to escape and regroup - there was nothing they could do otherwise. Now she was staring at the same person's body, but the vacant look in their eyes told Crone there was nobody but the madness of Temhebu left. She cast a spasm upon their colleague and watched them fall to the ground incapacitated, keeping them paralysed by leaving a glyph on their body as they ordered their Perfect Stranger to barricade the door and keep his charge safe.

    Crone could hear something on the roof above her, people moving around in the dormitories to get away from this crawling mess. For the moment, things were safe behind wards and guards up in the dorms, but she could hear something else moving which rose above the din of footsteps. Heavy falls which shook the concrete, brick and wood which made up the buildings. She instructed her perfect stranger to look ahead and investigate the source of the additional upset - she didn't need something coming to attack everyone in the dorms from the roof as well.

    With sight unseen, Mr. Cordial cast their gaze outside of the building, recognising some of the Phoenix Team's members out in the storm, fighting the broccoli-derived footsoldiers. "Phoenix Team are here, madam." He indicated towards the window heading north. Crone lit up with a broad smile - trustworthy folks were here to try and rectify this with as much force they could muster.

    The two largest and most obvious combatants against the green tide were Yttrium and Ravnir, for their sheer size and flair of their respective outputs. The crude had begun darting backwards, kiting and drawing attention away from Ravnir and Seiren, while giving the Raiken additional flame to work with and the inventor covering fire as he retreated up the south-west building.

    "These things ... they stink! Overcooked!" Yttrium commenting, having seen her glom refuse to cook his vegetables as boiled and disgusting as Tanhauss army-for-growth had made themselves. Suddenly, a volley of heavier machine gun fire came from the bushes north of Yttrium's position - tracers interspersed with a stream of lead signalling the weapon's fire as Yttrium retreated from view with a hydraulic hop. "Eee! Ravnir! Over there!" She cried out as the raiken charged forward.

    Getting up close and personal, Ravnir found that the broccoli-derived soldiers were wearing ill-fitted boiler suits over metal shells which contained their lignin bodies and organs, exoskeletal. The hands seemed to be entirely robotic, with enough fingers to swing the batons, fire the guns and flip the bird. None of this stood for long in the way of Cirul Aira, cleaving and sending heads and bodies away in arcs, and absorbing the impact of machine gun fire.

    Over the din of the storm and fire as Ravnir was shifting stance, a whistling noise could be heard from overhead, followed by a warhead striking a squad of armed broccolis with a dull explosion which sent loose tan-bark and dirt spiralling through the air - this must've been the Chelti paying dividends after putting their piece together.

    Snuffles was able to sneak and flank while Ravnir, Yttrium, and a cousinly shelling provided an adequate distraction - letting them indicate and light up the source of the light machine gun fire. A hulking human dressed in urban camouflage, possibly cybernetic as Driver was, with their loyalty to Tanhauss pressed chemically into their mind and against their shoulder. There was an opportunity to either mark their position or call Ravnir towards them, as they were strafing to keep away from additional shelling.

    Breyja had her eyes on, and her ears back as she lined shots on the south-east building - her personal defence measures were popping off the blocks as wires tripped and sensors discovered unwarranted movement. Her shots to cover Yttrium's retreat hit true, sabots tumbling once they cloft through the exoskeletal metal of the brokkoldat. After several more successful body-shots, the Maidenhand sensed unwanted company clambering the walls to flush her out, Breyja had to move her position or get overrun, fast.

    The closest other rooftop to Breyja was the building just west of her - which Seiren happened to be retreating up to, and where Luca and Driver were spotted duking and brawling it out. Last they both saw, Luca was shooting at Driver's legs, tackling from the side and taking the top-heavy man down onto his back and mount - elbow smashing against the back of Driver's helmet, prompting the cyborg stand up and fall backwards, landing on Luca and rolling to the opposite side to peel the man in red off.

    Luca reeled himself away and rolled on his back to get on his feet again, while Driver was scrambling on all fours to pursue - Luca had never seen Dean move this way before - there may not have been any 'Dean' in there left, just scrambling jealousy and resentment against the world that worked against them for a few weeks. Driver leapt towards Luca with arms extended, and the man in red met the incoming attack with a knee strike, landing square in Driver's nose and shattering the visor - ghostly flames leaking out and being snuffled by the buffeting storm.

    Driver's sheer size and bulk meant that his body kept on barrelling though even though Luca had intercepted them - he landed heavy and limp initially, before scrambling to grips and pinning Luca down to the ground, the two men wrestling for control and dominance. A fist-mark the size of a bear's claw had been left against the ground - Driver trying to crush Luca's head into paste.

    Across the sky, a screaming could be seen and heard over the noise of the storm - Seiren just saw his plan B coming in hot overhead. Luca had no time to register that this was part of Phoenix Team's plan - Driver had grabbed onto his right arm, trying to wrench it out of its socket and retrieve the Grapple Stunner as a trophy. The upside to this was that it gave Seiren and Breyja clearer shots at Driver.
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    Seiren beamed at the sight of the streaks across the sky.

    "Well, I didn't get to do my cool BIG ROBOT summoning thing, but I'll take what I can get!" He said, flicking the SucroSpike into its inactive position and reaching behind and grabbing the cylinder that was his collapsed Grav-bat. He activated his gaunlet and placed the bat in the palm, angling it upwards. Then, with a shout, of "HEADS UP LUCA!" He pulsed it straight up through the air, the smooth metal glinting as it sped towards the duel of Luca and Driver.

    ♪ Mighty Punk Force! 2 - Daft Collision (Daft Punk vs WayForward) ♪

    Seiren returned his focus to the encroaching horde of armored vegmen. From behind his shield, he pressed different points on his glove with his thumb - keyed to his helmet like buttons. Multiple warning prompts came up, which he promptly went through.

    "Ravnir, I got the horde. You hit the heavies!"

    Seiren angled his gauntlet at the crowd and reeled himself in, flicking his pistol back out. He impacted with one kinetic shoe on a suit, absorbing the impact as he rotated and fired several into a neck joint to lead into the next target. His helmet buzzed with notifications and calculations, utilizing the same technology that powered Ravnir's new eyepiece but to a far more significant extent as it burned through its own processors for just a few minutes of tech-assisted badassery.

    Seiren dropped to the ground when the soldiers began leveling their guns at him, then grav-grabbed a sidearm only to dump the magazine and fling it at another. He reeled himself towards another soldier and absorbed more shock, then swung about to deliver one of the impacts to another nearby soldier while he spiked his impromptu landing pad at close range.
  8. Ashlinn

    Ashlinn Member

    Sargasso, SMU, South-West Building and Grounds
    Annnd Cue The Ominous Music....

    The constant popping and thundercracks of her railgun was starting to leave divots around the campus as her rounds bounced from target to target. "Goddess... There's just so...many...."
    Her HUD was a blur of rapidly changing angles as she tried to cover as many as she possibly could. Doing her best to catch any of the heavier assets before they got setup. Which was atleast buying time measured in seconds at best to allow everyone else to get where they needed. The sudden silence of her own assets was almost deafening as her railgun cycled empty and began hissing as the barrel demanded cooling. She was for once thankful she'd grabbed her armor as she snapped the long barrel fro mthe gun. The loud sizzling as rain hit the barrel sent up steam while she snapped the shorter of the two home and cycled the next round of sabots into place.

    "This is Sarn. Relocating. Positions compromised."
    The building rocked just subtly as she felt the tremor from the landmine she'd left at the top of the ladder fire off. Time to be moving. Ears folded back as she started for the edge of the wall at a sprint and stole a page from Luca's book, what was the point in the man paying her if she didn't spend a little of it? It wasn't even close to his but the simple hook and rope was damned effective as she swung it over her head and trusted it to catch in the next building over. The slack in the rope wasn't being taken up fast enough as she'd like and that ground was getting way too close, and the whizzing of bullets was too close for comfort before she felt the rope take and she hit the next wall running as it and her armor began catching rounds, "shitshitshitshit!!!!!... was that a damned bat?!" the blur of Seirens bat flying past her reminded her where she was as she jumped...and went through the window she'd been standing on into the face of the veggiemen within...

    Riflebutts to the side of head weren't her favor thing to enter a room to as she hit the floor and fired upwards through the veggieman, relying on the angels in her visor to hopeful punch the shot up through the roof into the fight above. If Seiren was firing bats up to the roof, hopefully the small remove camera still on the building outside could track driver enough she could catch him somewhere to atleast slow him down before she turned and lifted the SMG from her thigh and sent a burst into the group at the other side of the room before standing up, "I hope the university has insurance that covers this..." A grenade went back out the window behind her into the crowd as she sprinted for the stairwell. the clicking of explosives followed behind her as she began dropping them down on any of the crowd that might start making it's way up before she ran back to the windows and braced the railgun again to start picking off targets that got too close to to the others. She didn't have the chops for crowd control but she'd be damned if anything got a chance to stray rounds at the others...
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  9. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    The band of helping chelti made themselves useful by positioning themselves to block the broccoli men from escaping into the town itself, the battle announced by the sound of firearms and burning vegetables. Bullets and the barely visible heat haze of microwave beams crossed the campus, while any broccoli men who got too determined were blown away by Finch's autocannon. The cannon being used to help support Ravnir whenever Finch could find the time and a clear shot.


    Snuffles slunk quietly about, looking to help where they could as Sparrow flew ahead and checked ahead. The tracer from the largest weapon the broccoli men seemed to have apart form sheer numbers. But this was no broccoli man, this was a human clearly on something. Snuffles eyed the distance, saw Ravnir and Yttrium fighting in the square and pulled something out of their quilted jacket.

    A soap grenade flew through the air towards the heavy weapons guy, with the wind and rain, that detergent was going to turn into the best slip-n-slide in the city.
  10. Sham

    Sham Member

    Ravnir brought Cirul Aira down from an overhead strike, flattening the unfortunate plantman underneath the heft of his blade. Green ‘matter’ splattered on the ground as the soft flesh split from the overwhelming force. Ravnir didn’t think much of it, as his black scales and worn robes were already stained with the ‘blood’ of several broccoli men who had wandered too close to his sweeping strikes.

    As he yanked Cirul Aira from the fresh corpse, Ravnir delivered a sharp uppercut to another plant emptying a magazine into his shoulder. The bullets pinged off his thick plated scales, hardly scratching them. The recipient of his fist wasn’t as fortunate, sailing through the air with a snapped neck as he was. While that particular burst of fire missed its mark, others hadn’t. The Raiken’s softer scales bore several long scratches. Some had punctured just deep enough to draw orange blood. “If these are the Forgotten Gift, I can see why the receiver forgot about them,” Ravnir muttered under his breath as he surveyed the battlefield. He was relieved to find the other members of Phoenix doing their part, doing their best to thin the seemingly endless horde of angry broccoli.

    As Ravnir hefted his blade once again to dive back into the fray, a sort of distant voice called to him from the back of his mind. When faced with an overwhelming force Ravnir, turn their advantage against them. Small battlefields are no place for armies.

    “Wise as ever, Delras,” Ravnir said to himself before lifting Cirul Aira high and driving the blade into the earth. “Sadi!” He shouted. Red lines lanced out from his sword, racing across the ground towards the nearest buildings. When they connected, the lines shot out once again, creating a long ‘U’ shape before the earth began to crack and erupt with bright red fire. Gouts of magical flame roared to life, leaping a few meters into the air, burning against the harsh rain with no sign of smoldering. Not bad, Ravnir.

    With his arena established, Ravnir returned to his work, cleaving through ranks of plantmen. Although, Cirul Aira was a bit heavier in his hands now.
  11. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Sargasso, SMU, South-West Building and Grounds
    There was a flash of lightning off into road turned-river north-east of the university. Out in the ocean, a cacophonous dance of storms illuminated over the monolithic clouds and their rainfall. Across a rooftop on the southeastern building of the University, an imbued Driver was attempting to twist Luca's right arm off, cackling as he heard the man beneath straining. "Yes! YES!" Driver had his knee against the captain's head - pinning against the rooftop gravel with a manic canter. "I'll have it! I'll have it! Mine!"

    Not! Bloody! LIKELY! Luca ruminated as he saw something flying towards him - A grey blur with a blue streak of light trailing, camouflaged by a thunderbolt and heading straight for Driver's head. With his eye obsessively upon his perceived prize, the flying bat struck Driver lengthwise, shattering their black helmet into splinters from the emblem down and rocking his temple - causing him to lose his grip and crumple atop Luca in a brief daze.

    The captain took charge immediately, putting all of his strength into his core, shoulders and arm to wrench himself free and push Driver up and away. As he slunk and rolled away, Luca felt the damage Driver had done to the Grapple Stunner, their iron grip had crushed some of the mechanics. Damn - no time to fix this, looks like its the old fashioned way, or...

    Luca's train of thought ceased when he got a better look at what Driver had become, ghostly light flowing from their racing suit illuminated a skeletal, inhuman face with sunken eyes - face affixed in a rictus. "All that power and you couldn't have asked for a face while you were getting freebies?" Luca queried, rolling his arm and cricking his neck - the adrenaline was starting to flow, and he felt and looked charged. "I'll show you how much free's worth, Driver!"

    ♫ Lazerhawk - King of the Streets ♫

    Driver's daze gave way to indignation and rage, which Luca met with a swift jab, bending down to grab the bat which had rolled towards his feet and raising it to block a clubbing forearm, twirling it and taking it up in two hands. While not totally at odds with the unintended uses of a baseball bat, Luca found it difficult to keep up with the fury of Driver - but the lumber's evasive, swinging qualities allowed him to launch himself by selective anchoring, avoiding the hulking man's lunges and attacks.

    When Luca had an unexpected advantage by swinging himself straight up and coming down bat in hand, Driver managed to juke their trajectory and avoid the falling bat, which struck the roof instead - feeling the impact shoot all the way up his arms. Suddenly, the sound of cracks could be heard beneath both men, and the gravel which made up the thermal cover for the roof could be heard spilling through cracks formed by breaking concrete and steel.

    "Oh, shit," Luca cussed at the unfolding predicament which Driver couldn't escape either. The battering rain accelerated the destruction as a section of the roof fell in, a quarter of the structure used for a top floor lecturing and science room had been separated by a hallway through the middle of the building. He and Driver landed partially buried in rubble, both scrambling and lifting themselves out furiously to continue - as far as Luca felt, it was just getting started.

    Breyja found herself in a glass-strewn stairwell corridor followed by a rain squall and blazing hot lead, and with a handful of options before her. The hallway was dripping with oozing eyes of unseen sight. In response to the glass breaking, one of the doors opened for a brief moment - Breyja spotted a terrified person's face before they slammed the door shut - one of the civilians who'd no choice but to ride out the whirling storm around them. She could also hear something breaking and shattering further into the university, and screams of terror from the floors above.

    There were civilians that needed rescuing - but not all seemed helpless. A large human figure peered from around the corner, wearing a waistcoat and a shirt with rolled up sleeves - and their face was obscured by shadow. Breyja would recognise them as Crone's bodyguard - Cordial, was he. "Miss Sarn, this way." The Perfect Stranger indicated. "Crone would like to speak to you."

    In all, the each of the university wings had a ground floor, and 4 storeys, making for a total of twenty floors to clear. Wonderful, not. Meanwhile the broccoli-derived soldiers had begun clambering atop each other, a green tower snaking up the hole Breyja had made in the stairwell clawing to get at her. A few moments later the mass was transformed into a large, green stain splattered several yards in all directions from an epicentre amid the lignin bodies. A timed explosive which Breyja had left in her wake had hit a very true mark.

    Finch could hear sirens over the din of Chelti gunfire to cover their heavies, familiar wails to herald what was considered law enforcement around here. Able to deal with simple people's problems in most shapes, but as vans pulled up and riot police started moving out with shields and shotguns, Finch guessed they were here a little too late for the largest fight, or to help the civilians in the building. The gear belayed their purpose.

    The chelti watched the men balk at the sight of the unknown - splattered eyes left in the wake of Witchspace couldn't be negotiated with, or bludgeoned into submission, let alone understood. A burly police sergeant, finger as thick as a corncob beneath glove was reciting a battle plan over the wind and rain: break doors down, avoid the weird shit, evacuate civilians, restrain infected, and shoot anything that's hostile human or otherwise. When Finch saw retaliatory bullets heading towards broccoli, he knew they had the right idea.

    The grenade with bubbles stencilled onto was difficult to spot over the squalls of rain and violent foliage - the light-machine gun wielding super-soldier was keeping Yttrium and Ravnir from getting close as they laid down suppressing fire to cover the approach of their respective squalls of Broccoli problems. Ravnir was having the least trouble as he carved and cleaved, drawing fire and earth from soil steeped in post-modern magery - but with all he was summoning up, he couldn't ignore the fatigue forever, nor the needles which, with every poke, got just a little deeper.

    Beneath the light machine gunner, the soap grenade exploded beneath them with a pop that sounded over their cannon, causing them to pause and look around for the source of the noise - a miss-step which caused his previously firm position to slip. The tracers visible through the night suddenly shot upwards instead of towards Yttrium.

    The crude looked up to see what that brute could've been firing at. Rain? Wind? A big eye? Maybe something from the 'forgetting gifts' spooked them? It seemed futile. "He fell over! I'll get him while he's down, Ravnir!" She called out, priming herself for a hydraulic leap. "Here I gooo!" She leapt, leaving a violet stream of light in her wake before colliding hard with the gunner. Her weight almost assuredly disabled the gunman, but Yttrium now had a new problem - she was in a thicket of broccoli men.

    "Eee!" She cried out, realising her tactical error before engaging flames as she laid on the ground - twisting her arms and legs around to spray in all directions and turn the broccoli's crowding advantage against them. By now, between Ravnir and Yttrium, over half the broccoloid fighting force had been torn apart, considered unfit for consumption. Another quarter of them had been splattered by Breyja, and there was a mere quarter left, dispersed throughout the buildings on the grounds. Ravnir could at least catch his breath, or find some form of replenishment while he had time on his side.

    ♫ Streets of Rage 2 - Never Return Alive ♫

    Up in the sky against the raging storms behind Seiren, his Galacta Custom was dropping software pods towards the defence grids - the new algorithms and programs had compiled in flight, and four of seven beacons had been covered, and the shimmering shape of a hex-speckled dome had winked into existence for a moment, but the cycle was incomplete - three more remained to encompass the university.

    Seiren's scanners were starting to clear up somewhat. Communication was coming back, in a however limited form. In any case, he could hear progress being made as he chased down the stragglers, the broccoli men were getting indicated and chased down and out of cover by Sparrow's helpful observations, eg: "There's a boiled shithead trying to be a bush! WASTE 'EM!" During his search-and-destroy, Seiren could overhear the sound of the roof collapsing - and his gravity bat indicating that Luca had lost a hold on it. The combat data they'd produced was preserved faithfully - thousands of newtons upon a point!

    With plan finalised, the riot cops begun storming towards the building stained with splattered broccoli-men, shields, clubs and shotguns at the ready to get staff and students out safely. Breyja could see the police vans and armoured cops entering the building from the hole she'd made in the stairwell glass - whether or not they knew she was a friendly was a different issue altogether. At least she wasn't green and smelled soft boiled, so that much was certain - plus there was a friend inside who could be trusted.

    Out in the field, Yttrium slowly raised herself up from landing upon her side, and found the huge man pancaked against the ground and his face crushed by her backside, having been buried in the dark before expiring. "Not a bad way to go, hm~?" Yttrium cooed at the incapacitated man, unaware that most of the damage had been done by the weight of her scavenged power armour limbs, particularly the legs and her soft PVC-exteriored thigh.

    She then noticed the police and saw them heading into each of the university's buildings - her postion near the middle and her height let her see all the lights and sense klaxons. "Oh, that's right, we're - ah - not done yet!" She snapped her fingers in a high-pitched, robotic panic, looking for her glom frantically - he was on the roof a moment ago! "We need to save the others! Yes!" She nodded enthusiastically towards Ravnir and Seiren and clapping her hands together. "But where'd Lulu and Driver go?" She asked, hoping the eyes hadn't done anything bad to them.

    She took in the scent of the air, and then she wondered something as a familiar scent came across her olfactories and sensors. "I... I can smell slime. Lots of it." The crude said, looking about herself nervously - she wasn't too fond of them given her hydrocarbon body was considered a delicious snack by any sourcian. She leapt up again onto the roof, in the middle and looking around for him.