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RP [Phoenix Team] - Because we Can

Discussion in 'Phoenix Team' started by Luca, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    "Oi! What about me!" Sparrow squawked indignantly at being forgotten from Luca's call out, swooping down to alight on Snuffles shoulder once more.

    Snuffles shushed the bird with a finger as they rode up, fussing with it with one hand, looking down at itself, the alien used its other hand to reach into the zipper of its jacket and pull out a few items. Snuffles quickly began patching some of the burst cells in its quilted armor from the fight earlier, which leaked a thick gel down the jacket and dripped onto the floor with the sound of falling marbles. The fix involved spraying more goo into the cell from a small tube of the stuff and using what looked suspiciously like duct-tape to seal the cells over again before it all disappeared back into a pocket. What else could that strange alien keep in there?

    The big alien walked over to its monstrous single tracked machine and stroked a hand along it, patting it gently at the end. Thick claws rattling on the hard metal. Apart from a minor scratch on the dull surface, the machine seemed none the worse for wear after its gravity defying trip. Taking its helmet and closing it upon their head, the big alien mounted the massive machine and looked over at the others with a pale yellow stare from its visor. Blinking now and then as its eyes followed them.

    Sparrow crawled around the aliens chest and tucked himself back down the front of Snuffles' jacket again.
  2. Sham

    Sham Member

    Ravnir followed the others into the office-vator after the brief pep talk after scowling at the two small robotic companions that Seiren had created. Like most of his kind, he did not like them, nor did he trust them. They weren't even allowed in Alliance space, as far as he was aware. He settled in the elevator, although he was unaware what it was, since he had saw fit to zone out last time. As soon as the room lurched into motion, Ravnir slammed his tail against the floor while reaching for something to hold on to. "Foul invention!" He shouted while eyeing the others.

    He was more than eager to leave the elevator when it stopped, stomping out with a loud huff, tail dragging along the floor behind him. While the others headed to their respective vehicles, Ravnir headed outside, just glad to have his feet on solid ground again.
  3. Ashlinn

    Ashlinn Member

    Breyja boarded the elevator and worked over the shield a bit, getting used to its weight and for the most part seemed to be mostly working over plans in her head of hos to visit violence on people with the defensive weapon. She'd eventually settle on slinging it across her back once she was certain it didn't cause any issues with her SMG and she could use it without stumbling about. She'd give Luca a pensive glance, "Sooo... whats the plan?" Yup. Look to the fearless leader when no other option presented itself for mayhem.
  4. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Galacta Candy, Outdoors
    "I figure we make example of these guys, and drive them out we figure out where their operation's running out of." Luca outlined, figuring that he could leave the specifics up in the air for the moment. If the rest of the gang were as undisciplined as those he saw earlier, he figured it'd be cut-and-dry. "With any luck, we flush out whoever's bankrolling them too, find them via anything the gang's got, or get them to take notice."

    Wrapping his hand around the accelerator and kicking the stand up, balancing on his leg."Failing that," Luca mused, quietly confident, "they'll get the message one way or another." With a roar from the motorcycle and speeding off with his passenger, he lead the way for the Phoenix Team to follow.

    Hellion Overlook, Cransky and Sons Self-Storage
    Sun slowly setting, on a dry day.

    ♫ Mitch Murder - 84th Precinct ♫

    The team followed a highway northwards, ascending the base of the Northern Sargasso mountain. Glancing over the shoulder, Sargasso's sprawl laid bare and visible, with Featherwell's low building heights giving a clear view into the river which separated North Shore from Central View, and the suburb of Delta South, spiderwebbed in canals issuing forth from harbours beneath the Walled City. A plethora of boats, cargo vessels, tugs, and seaworthy spacecraft floated lazily in the bay - providing splotches of colour and light in the dark river waters, while air traffic moved slowly and deliberately - their points of light twinkling against the evening sky as the shadows from the buildings begun to lengthen.

    The skyline which provided the backdrop started to light up as if protesting against the coming night. The windows of skyscrapers creating an irregular series of grids composed of white and yellow, while the streets lower and at the feet of the built-up city begun to bloom into a riot of neons, broken up by the silhouettes of palm trees and the glares of billboards selling holiday packages and club deals. Further beyond and in the flatter land of Southern Palms, the lights twinkled in the lazier residential blocs while the Witchwood provided a dark patch rising to the southwest, seguing towards the quiet, verdant fields of Agrary.

    Hellion Overlook, by contrast, lacked the greenery or liveliness which found its way amidst most of Sargasso. No ivy nor vines grew, and on the sidewalks, there wasn't a single blade of grass. Trees were only seen in context: as lumber upon massive transport sleepers, or timber from the mills. What provided colour here to break up the dull metals, concrete, and rust were layers of graffiti, ranging from gang tags and crude stencillings to murals and poster jobs. When the wind blew, a distinct after-taste was left in the sinuses: a melange of chemical smells and particles in the air including brine, sawdust, paint, algae, petrol, resin, and depending on proximity, sweat.

    Underfoot, concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt, and sand could be expected, sometimes broken up by a stubborn weed growing through a crack or shards of a broken bottle. The hustle and bustle of Hellion Overlook wasn't staying in the neighbourhood for long, factories shuttered for the day and workers filtering into their vans and utility vehicles to head home for the evening, or heading towards the subways or bus stops. Street lamps begun buzzing to life, providing circles of yellowish light in the industrial district, but providing little comfort to walkers.

    The only respectable night-time activity in the Overlook was concentrated around the numerous dive bars dotted around the outskirts of the neighbourhood, clientèle blue collared and ill tempered towards anything smacking of white collar snootiness or weakness. In turn, no self-respecting and narcissistic businessman would be caught dead in Hellion Overlook, nor mingle with its ilk. Getting in with the crowd involved being able to hold your beer down after you'd done your "hard yakka". Anything less was to be ridiculed with prejudice.

    The warehouse Luca and company had pulled up in front of blended in with its surroundings, with a slanted roof and metal walls - dotted with rust and Apachopper gang signs, while windows were placed high up on the structure, broken up by vents and fans. At ground level, there was a closed roller door sporting a logo of two arrows crossed over a shield. To the right side of the warehouse, an adjoining office building sat upon I-beams, and had a flat roof which levelled off with the warehouse. Thick black curtains were drawn over all of the visible windows, and the front doors were closed.

    Immediately ahead, there was a dusty yard with a couple of trucks parked to the left, while a path of concrete lead towards a closed roller door, the office, and around the back. A yellowed light illuminated the courtyard ahead of the office from atop a post on the right side. A battered sign lashed onto the fence out front read 'Cransky and Sons Self Storage - You Got It We Got Room 4 It'. While the other businesses and factories around Hellion Overlook were closing and filtering out, it didn't even look as though Cransky and Sons had opened at all. A cursory glance on the sign's opening times indicated that it was supposed to be closed all day today.

    ♫ CiniMod - The Rumble ♫

    Examining the building and keeping an eye on the roofs nearby for any signs of activity and coming up empty, Luca indicated towards the left of the warehouse. White and yellow lines painted on the concrete indicated towards a back area. "Seems clear, no cameras either. Let's head in around the back. We'll get them from the rear," he said, dismounting his bike and parking it behind the cinderblock wall which separated Cransky and Sons' property from the next place over.

    Scurrying over the fence and through the yard, using the parked trucks as cover, Luca begun scouting ahead. Entering the alley, he lifted his pistol from his holster and stayed close to the warehouse wall. At the end of the alley, he could see more trucks parked, light, and the sound of people talking in the distance, difficult to tell. He figured it was the parking lot for the rest of the company fleet. Halfway through the alley, Luca indicated towards his team to move up, as he planned his next moves in shadow, ideas of using grenades coming to mind.

    Rising from the bathtub in the apartment at Ferros Block after a lengthy napping session, Yttrium groped about her bedside table with snowman-like pseudopod hands, looking for her metallic extremities and helmet. One of her eye-cores surfaced from beneath the membrane of her body as she slipped her headgear on, fluttering the eyelashes as she wiggled the fingers in her gauntlets - noticing a change in the smoothness of the hydraulics, and the fingertips on the inside of her gauntlets had been thoroughly cleaned and sanded, while new holes were present in the index and middle fingers on her right hand.

    Grabbing her legs next and moving out of the tub as her form coalesced into her preferred humanoid figure, she stepped out, noticing a similar improvement of motion and flow. Something else was left beside the bathtub she didn't recall seeing before heading to sleep last night. An array of beer-can shaped plastic plumbing tubes arrayed like a six-shooter's cylinder, a piston with a crank, and several empty cans - each with the top shorn off by a tin opener, and the underside of the can pushed out, tipped by a bullet's primer.

    A note was attached to the pipe array: 'For when you're ready to take the fight to Tanhauss. I'll show you how it works when I get home, and we'll get some practice in with this on the weekend. -Luca'.

    She always found it cute how he did these things for her, even if it wasn't in her nature to fight. Perhaps it was his way of giving a gift in kind after she'd given him the old Ranger Sixer.
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  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    Galacta Candy, Outdoors

    Snuffles kicked over the mountaincrawler and throttled easily to the street. Down the road faint sirens could be heard as police tried contain the angry hordes of shoppers and shopkeeps trying to find who was responsible for the trail of debris running down both sides of the street from the roofs. Looking over their shoulder, Snuffles quietly turned their vehicle in the opposite direction and drove away as quietly as possible.

    Hellion Overlook, Cransky and Sons Self-Storage

    Snuffles took a look at the building Seirens secratary had found the origin of the apachoppers who had attacked the confectioners compound. The big alien sniffed with one of four nostrils and looked at the entrance way Luca had pointed out. It blinked with its big eyes, looking from the door, up, and then down at the ground in front of it. To its alien senses a few things stuck immediately out, and with its experience of breaking into criminal compounds before, it could make a few speculations.

    "The one light turned off is a laser detector and the floor probably either has weight, or magnetic detectors." The big alien said simply as Luca marched up to the back door.

    It made no move to stop him, sounding rather nonchalant about its own warning.
  6. Moogle

    Moogle Administrator Staff Member

    Galacta Candy, Outdoors
    Seiren tethered himself with the gauntlet's pull casually and got a firsthand experience of being dragged along for a ride at high speed. Cosmo, on the other hand, enjoyed the ride in the fresh air with an open mouth and a flapping tongue, as it was the first time in a while the starry dogsynth had been outside in a good while.

    Hellion Overlook, Cransky and Sons Self-Storage
    "Luca, you dingus, slow down."

    Seiren chided the man after they'd arrived and he'd let himself off the gravity tether to coast to a gentle stop. Luca's bloodthirstiness was clear as day, and Seiren wanted none of that hot-headed thinking to leap before they looked.

    After all was said and done, Seiren bounced himself onto the roof (after first unequipping his skates) of the building and crouched, surveying the area below while he got his electric slime launcher at the ready.
  7. Sham

    Sham Member

    Sargasso Highway

    While the others mounted their various vehicles and sped off towards wherever they were supposed to be going, Ravnir set himself on a steady jog and followed along. He didn't really mind having to walk, but the thought of having his own mount crossed his mind as he continued to jog. When he was exiled, he wasn't old enough to tame his own beast to ride as was the custom. While cars drove by, some of them blaring their horns at him, he began to ponder what he would've have tamed had he been given the chance and if anything around here could suffice. With these thoughts on his mind, he didn't even notice time passing by or the distance he was covering.

    Hellion Overlook, Cransky and Sons Self-Storage

    His heavy footfalls announced his arrival before he had actually found the others. Slowing to a walk, Ravnir looked around the rundown storage facility and the various buildings surrounding it with a frown on his lips. At least its better than the slums at home. He had spotted the others scaling a cement wall separating the properties. The Raiken stepped up to the wall and looked it up and down a few times while rubbing his chin. After nodding to himself, he took a couple steps back to get a running start and promptly used his shoulder as a battering ram, crashing through the cement wall. A cloud of thick gray dust blew up as cement shards shot through the air, some of them skittering across the asphalt. Ravnir coughed several times to clear his lungs of the stuff.

    "Hmmm... walls are such a hassle when they're made weak. Mmmmm... but if it broke so easily, is it really worth calling it a wall? What a conundrum." He mused to himself as the dust settled, oblivious to the racket he had made.
  8. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Hellion Overlook, Cransky and Sons Self-Storage
    From above, Seiren found his feet on a corrugated roof, finding a solid walkway atop it. Moving along and looking down at the back section of the warehouse, Seiren could spot four individuals who'd dragged a couch and a rug from the office, sitting around a wastepaper basket fire. Two men in biker's leathers and chains were splayed on the couch, watching the burning paper produce flickering lights and plumes of acrid smoke which blended in with the other industrial emissions.

    The third target Seiren could identify from his elevated perch was another biker wearing a spiked helmet, sitting on a folding chair facing the back entrance, slouched, they were peering into the heat radiating from the concrete. The fourth target was standing beside the couch, resting upon the filing cabinet the bikers had turned into a bottle-encrusted end table. This skinny, lean guy was carrying a crude rifle - fitted with an impractically large muzzle brake.

    This guy noticed their helmeted companion looking towards a source of noise - watching them straightening up in their chair and take notice. "Whassat?" The skinny biker held his rifle towards the alley, pacing warily as the weight of his gun nearly threatened to topple them. Seiren could vaguely hear Luca's movement - to their credit they were trying staying quiet.

    The helmeted biker had stood up from his chair, pulling a pistol out of his pants. "I think someone's here - thought I heard some movement." They looked towards the rank of trucks at the back of the lot, eyeing it for a moment before walking ahead warily.

    The skinny one shrugged. "Well man, you know the drill - nothing personal," he could be seen fiddling with a large lever safety on the side of his rifle, clicking it into a full-auto position and pulling the bolt back with a clack-clack, "but we gotta intimidate or kneecap anyone trying to interrupt us flipping this place. Boss' orders." He made it sound clinical, but he was looking forward to picking on someone - after arriving early in the morning for maximum shock and getting the place jimmied open and from getting the ram raid organised, the rest of his day's activities had consisted of busywork to destroy this company's data and records.

    Seiren couldn't see Luca from where he was looking down on, and had no read on them. The man in Red knew there was company headed his way and had a surprise for them. Unfortunately, both sides had surprises for each other - as Luca was gauging where to roll his bomb, he heard the sound of cinderblock concrete being smashed into irregular, dusty chunks. Looking over his shoulder incredulously, he saw the Raiken had ploughed through the outer fence - and even had time to contemplate the experience.

    Rolling with the distraction and looking ahead, Luca found himself face with the helmeted biker and their skinny companion, both rapt by the sight of the Raiken emerging from the dust. The rifle wielding man was keeping their irons focussed on the huge reptilian alien. Luca looked down at the grenade in his hand, drawing attention towards it as he raised it up, a grin spreading across his face as he attempted to diffuse (or stoke) the situation he'd crashed into. "I'm not sure which one to be afraid of - this live explosive in my hand I was meaning to throw at you," he lied - he hadn't even pulled the pin out, but he was selling an interesting proposal to tonight's adversary, "or the big guy behind me. Which would you rather deal with tonight, if you could choose one or the other?"

    Who... who even asks questions like that? The helmeted biker gawped, blinking as he put the dots together, peering at Ravnir. "Wait, he's with YOU?! Fuckin' 'ell! Truck 'em!" The helmeted one responded with a squeal, turning around and grabbing his skinny friend by the arm to pull them out of the way.

    Luca looked over his shoulder and flashed a thumbs up towards the Raiken - it had gotten them out of the way without too much fuss. As he was pondering what the bikers had meant by 'truck them', he looked ahead to spot one truck in the backlot which was parked in line with the pathway he was standing in. Lights flooded into the alleyway as its engine roared to life - the six wheeled truck sans a bed barrelling towards down the alley. Luca's reaction aside from expletives was go up, leaping up the wall and scampering out of reach with the use of his hook.

    With the grenade still in his hand, he looked around the corner from his perch, and saw Seiren crouched on the roof just above him. Looking towards Luca, Seiren noticed his captain figure was especially red faced from the sudden burst of movement to avoid being flattened. Below, Luca and Seiren saw the helmeted and rifle wielding bikers standing back, watching the back of the truck hurtle down the narrow alleyway, cabin mirror clipping the corner in haste. They didn't think to look up - maybe they were expecting to scrape someone off the wall when the truck finished his lap.

    The bikers on the couch were up and scrambling with a start too, woken up by the noise of the truck engines and screeching tyres. Meanwhile, Ravnir watched the heavy vehicle coming towards him at approximately sixty kilometres an hour and counting. Its heavy engine with oodles of torque and robust chassis was destined for an impact more than capable of killing a 'squishy human'.
  9. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    Snuffles took a big long sigh as Ravnir burst through the wall. Not bothering to turn around as look, turning their eyes upwards and closing them as they reached over their shoulder and pulled over their newest toy. Looking down to check the cylinder had a grenade it in before snapping it closed again and looking level. Sniffing loudly, swallowing, and raising and shooting the grenade launcher at the charging truck.

    Not waiting to see the results the alien walked quickly but nonchalantly past Ravnir to put the other alien between them and the speeding, possibly on fire, truck. Taking a fresh reload and clamping the grenade launcher closed again, aiming with one hand towards the open door, and firing once more.