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    An internal memo for the higher-ups of the company Gruppen Tanhauss.

    Rebuilding has gone swimmingly, as a Unity Protocol trade agreement with the Kingdom of Albion has delivered some favourable business data, and opening the possibility of additional markets with our system's neighbours. This data gave our stocks a significant bump in domestic markets - our shareholders are clearly eager to compete with the money of the 'mainland'.

    Gruppen Tanhauss has subsequently reinvested and paid off a significant portion of the debts, and the rest can be paid with operation over a long period. What matters is that we are back to operational capacity, with new and rebuilt factories, clinics, and - as a new venture - a talkback radio and news station Noir Nitely 91.5.

    We'll be keeping the services of shock jock Wally Frye and his staff, but a detachment from marketing and a new editorial team (coupled with our information networks) will keep our interests first and foremost. Frye raised no issues with these changes, as long has he got paid. Though, we should perhaps line up a couple of interviews with our staff, maybe other doctors? Chemists? Scientists? Just an idea - I'll leave the specifics to the professionals.

    While we are back in command here in Noir, we are experiencing trouble in paradise. I was made aware by the evening news (really?) that the Sargasso Appropriation Project's work in Featherwell had ground to a halt. The Blue Sky Society is reporting greater resistance from business and store owners, and similarly the Apachoppers are in police sights, and reporting that private security is increasing.

    I recommend we mobilise and engage the Out of Towners and other independent criminal organisations to regain control of the situation while the Blue Sky Society and Apachoppers lick their wounds. At least Frankie has kept things smooth as the mouthpiece with the local gangs and feeding them information as he can. Money talks, and he's more than affluent with us behind him.

    The smear campaign against the EAD is facing pushback on Astro News Radio and CIN. We were even directly questioned for weighing in on our existing media outlet - in hindsight not a wise decision. One notable voice was a Noir local, identified by Dean Bodala (The Driver) as Jirou Harridan (AKA: Rider). It seems their presence on the media stage is also muddying the waters and disrupting our message. This is why we acquire a local media outlet - the only way to drown out a message is to be louder.

    We'll call the cumulation of these events civilian pushback, but we know who's responsible for spearheading this: The man in red, the runaway crude, and the business they've set up to 'solve problems'. We're not a problem for Sargasso if the stores and business owners comply, but this ray of hope has started to snowball into full fledged resistance.

    The news was quick to point out that they have a Raiken. Yes, a Raiken. I wasn't expecting one to be in the Unity Protocol's boundaries, given the recent interruptive broadcast by them and their society's antipathy towards automata - and the Protocol feels like its up to its eyeballs in Units. Perhaps an outcast or exile?

    Anyway - the head on approach in close combat and use of conventional small-arms is no longer advisable, given that the Crude is also fighting. I'll get Lange to ship some greens to Sargasso as well - they're expendable and dealing with them opens the Raiken and Crude to a longer-ranged threat. Vogeljäger Security will provide that.

    And to whom it may concern: Yes, we are perfectly capable of legitimate operation and acquisitions, and do so every day. We simply redefine legitimacy with our objectives in mind, and are willing to achieve those goals by any means necessary.

    Admittedly this would be going a lot smoother, but we have a human-shaped obstruction in our way in Sargasso. You are living on the wrong moon-colony to bring such concerns this high up.

    Before I forget though: Who took my turkey sandwich?

    Kind regards,
    Ilsa Mout-Battenberg, CFO

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