Setting Idea How to draw Alien Text?

Discussion in 'Setting Discussion, Questions, and Ideas' started by Luca, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Luca

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    So I've had an idea bopping around my head for a bit for a way to portray a commonplace Alien language in the setting, for things like art or pictures.

    I was imagining that aliens living around humans would speak a form of embellished Esperanto - a human-made constructed language intended to be an 'international language', which also includes an Archaic variant. Building a language from scratch is incredibly difficult, and my credentials do not include linguist (Just ask @Sham!).

    As for the glyphs and symbols, instead of using the Latin/Roman alphabet (Esperanto uses 28 glyphs instead of English's 26), I figure it would be possible to use the Standard Galactic Alphabet in its place, and accent marks preserved where possible. This is just me wearing my influences on my sleeve - I grew up playing Commander Keen.

    Given that this is a fairly quick-cut, simple replacement of glyphs and a con-lang, this would make an alien language in pictures translatable if one spends time to sit down and read it. That way, things can make sense and what's on display isn't just gibber.

    I've included an example:

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member


    At first I thought it looked like you had cut all the letters in half and glued them together like a literary Frankensteins monster, but I'm okay with the use of Standard Galactic Alphabet for a common international. It's a nice reference and looks suitably alien.
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