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    The News Desk lit up, displaying a black and white MBF sitting at the desk in an adorably fitted suit. The Synthetic dog began barking as a cute (but not grating) voice was overlaid over it.

    “Good stellar morning. I am Mono, here for Cloverpaw Interspace News. Today, our top story - Albion in flames! New monster threat that ravaged the Grey Sector. But first, financial news. Galacta Candy has announced in a press release given by the CEO that it would be partnering up with Cloverpaw for distribution efforts.”

    The feed cut to a press conference outside a factory, with the artificially-silver haired CEO of Galacta Candy all gussied up for the occasion with a human with a cybernetic lamia tail at his side.

    “With this move, GC takes a much larger step in satisfying the sweet tooth of candy lovers everywhere and anywhere at any time! We look forward to a long and productive partnership with Cloverpaw.”

    The feed was back again on Mono.

    “Soltz Holdings recently suffered a loss in leadership when a courier shuttle lost control and flew through their headquarters boardroom during a business meeting, killing 9 out of the 10 board members and leaving the last one in critical condition. Officials investigating the matter concluded an autopilot program suffered a catastrophic glitch and went off course, and have ruled out the possibility of foul play. When we come back, our top story.”

    The screen faded out as a bowl of water rose onto the table from a hole that appeared in front of Mono. It faded into a peppy and colourful ad for Galacta Candy.

    The screen faded back onto the news desk, overlaid with the Cloverpaw logo. Mono was back at the desk.

    “Welcome back. Our top story - disaster on Albion! Earlier this week, York was in for a nasty shock as an as yet unidentified monster ravaged the industrial district. The images and video captured indicate the creature was as large as a 2 story building, humanoid, and covered in a rocky exterior. First responders managed to drive the creature back, but it is still at large. Siil FiSirae, one of the first responders, had this to say.”

    “I’ve never seen anything that could spit fire like that! It was napalm! It was spitting napalm! It burned down this refinery here behind me before we pulled enough firepower. Most of the small arms just plinked off the thing. For now, we’re calling in the big guns to lock down the area. Our number one priority is stopping this monster so nobody else gets hurt.” A white coloured Rolaan spoke. He was clothed in civil patrol gear.

    The video switched back to Mono. “Grey district residents are urged to use caution when commuting and seek immediate shelter if the monster is sighted.” The pupper adorably shuffled their reading papers before continuing: “Meanwhile, crime rates in both Noir and Sargasso are on the rise - but crime success rates are dropping in Sargasso thanks to an uptick in vigilante activity. Neither Mayor Rex Tannerman or Dianne Proctor approve of, or deny. Tannerman is thanking the vigilantes for their efforts, and Proctor insists the police have it under control.”

    The dog switched facing angles to the camera. “And now, sports news. This week in Frame Running, Rotherford managed to pull into first last minute, beating out the Mavericks and breaking their one month losing streak. When asked about the victory, team manager Dash Fairson had this to say.”

    “It’s all of our hard work and dedication that finally pulled through, not that cheap shit those DC boys like to pull.”

    Mono cut back in. “The Mavericks continue to hold the top spot, but their lead is slipping. Hrul lost their third place to Harmony, but they are projected to regain the spot in the Stardancer Full Run coming up. After this break, celebrity news.”

    The advertisement that the feed switched to showed various coloured coins with lighted pips around their edges spinning in unison before falling into place to spell a company name. “Hekate. For all of your magical needs.”

    Mono was back on screen. “Welcome back. In celebrity news, Jirou Harridan announced that he was working on a major project with Shinka Studios following the success of Aeternalis. Harridan, famed for his heroic efforts during the fall of the EAD, also said that he would be donating all the profits from his upcoming album proceeds to a memorial and relief fund for the families of victims of the EAD.” The screen cut to a stylishly coiffed man at a press conference.

    “I can’t ever undo the damages done, but at the very least I can help those affected in any way I can.”

    Mono returned to the screen. “This has been CIN. We hope you will tune in next time, and as always, shop Cloverpaw. Good day, arf arf!”
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