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    Chrono Cross OST - 05 - Dancing the Tokage

    A young woman affixed a cybernetic panda mask to her face. She was short, wearing a green cheongsam with gold detailing in the shape of clovers. From what little of her skin was visible (she was wearing silken armgloves and black sheer stockings) it was apparent she dyed it black and white, likely to suit the mask. Once it was affixed to her face, the mask lit up - a clever combination of displays and shaped surfaces lent themselves well to giving off the impression of cartoonish lifeness.

    “Everything look good?” She asked the monochrome MBF known as Mono. Mono gave an affirmative bark. “Good, time to make my mark!”

    She sauntered onto a nearby stage set up for filming, holographic projectors and green screens at the ready.

    “And. . . action!” a synthesized voice called. The woman struck a pose and her mask lit with a smile.

    “Welcome, one and all! I am Miss Clover, head of Cloverpaw! I hope we can be friends, because I have something absolutely wonderful to share with everybody!”

    Behind her, the green screen was a starfield, but it zoomed onto a large octagon sandwiched between hemispheres. It, too, was green and gold, emblazoned with the Cloverpaw logo. The projectors behind her lit up, putting out the hovering image of a similarly coloured “CONCORD PARK” in block text.

    “It took some time and many dreams, but I am pleasingly proud to present to you, Concord Park! The biggest and best amusement park the galaxy has ever seen!”

    The projectors switched from the logo to a 3D image of the station, which broke off the two spheres to show the octagon in full. The octagon lit up a wide section between the outer edge and middle piece, then recoloured the wide section into 8 slices.

    “Concord Park’s main area is broken into 8 fantastical, fantasmical portions, and what better way to start than by showing you Fantasia!” Miss clover said. One of the slices lit up and drew backwards, hitting the starfield with a ripple, then turned into an array of images. These would pick up and display as Miss Clover spoke. “Fantasia is our modern zone, lovingly crafted to be pleasing to the eye at every turn. Fountains, glassworks, beautiful displays of light and art and more keep this place a living and breathing work of art!”

    She selected a second piece and flung it back. As she did so, her cheongsam ebbed and flowed until it became something more suitable on a hostile frontier world. Spikes, leather, a duster, the usual sort. “Whoops! I skipped two and forgot one major thing!” She giggled, pulling the slice back and selecting another. This time, she became much less clothed, now wearing a beach skirt and a fluttery bikini (Though she didn’t fill it much).

    “When you enter the park, each of you will be given special programmable clothes that’ll change based on what area you’re in, and a preference questionnaire you fill when you arrive! That way, everybody always looks the part they choose~! That being said. . .”

    The images changed to a beach connected to a bridged submarine, which then led to an underwater kingdom via glass tube pathway.

    “In Indigo Palace, we have a fully realized beach without all the seaweed and stinging fauna, which blends into an underwater paradise. I can guarantee that the water attractions here will make you wetter than anything else in your life!” she said with a wink.

    She threw another slice back. This time, a pilot suit covered her. “In Galaxia, you can be the cosmic explorer you always dreamed of. With the tools we have at Cloverpaw, we’ve made a starfield that you could just fall right into! Of course, we have spacewalks and lovely floating platforms so you don’t do that, ehe~!” she giggled, throwing the mistake slice from earlier. Once again, frontier clothes.

    “Of course, the Outlands is another story. It’s a lawless area modeled after wild frontier colonies. It’s dusty or lush, but the drinks flow and the colonists are hardy. Of course, if you’re so inclined, you could be a Hero - but I’ll save that for part 2. Next up, Grimvale~”

    A purple slice, a gothic lolita dress with more muted overtones than her previous outfits. “Here, the world is much darker and scarier. Monsters and murderers lurk around every corner! But, if you’re a fear junkie, this is your ideal destination! Of course, if creeping in the dark without all the monsters is your style. . .”

    The new slice led to a neon laced cityscape, formed of smoothed metal paneling. Miss Clover got a similar treatment, getting a black bodysuit with green light lines up the sides.

    “Nightlane is for all those cats that like their nocturnal crawls, but it’s also a place of absolute ~danger~ so if you’re not careful, you might end up trapped on the game grid!”

    Miss Clover’s next selection turned her outfit into something akin to a ranger’s leather’s made for travel and wear.

    “In Everwood, you’re in the most fantastical forest ever grown. The Flora and fauna are huge! If facing wild beasts and exploring the wood is your thing, look no further!”

    The last slice she spun a few times before tossing it. Her outfit turned to ceremonial tribal robes, long and flowing. “The Lost Kingdom is the last zone, and boy is it neat! Shady jungles, abandoned temples, and mysterious magical artifacts abound! Riddles, puzzles, traps, and danger! Find it all here!”

    Miss clover made a pulling motion at the display behind her and all eight slices pulled back into their ring. She returned to her previously cheongsam’d state.

    “Now of course, this is the main portion of the park - but don’t think I’ve shown you all we have to offer. That’s aaaaaall for next time~! So, until them, I hope we’ll still be friends! Buh-bye now!” she waved before the feed cut out.
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    Breath of Fire III - Even the Sun's Happy

    The feed returned.

    “Welcome back my lovely friends! I hope you enjoyed the break! Now I get to tell you about all the lovely side bits. Isn’t that right, Mono?” Miss Clover reappeared, this time wearing her dress with the detail colours reversed. Mono popped into frame, barking happily.

    “So then, you’ve seen the park,” She said. The camera cut to Mono for a subtitled bark of, “But how do you get in?”

    “I’m glad you asked! First~” The projectors showed the full station again, this time highlighting the top half of the top semisphere. “Arrivals is located here. Parking is all on this level, and shuttles drop off on the lower areas of the bay.”

    The highlight switched to the remainder of the semisphere. The top flew off, and the bottom portion broke into 4.

    “We have our four main hotels, here. Each one is themed after two of the main 8 regions, combining their unique attributes beautifully. There is Waterfall for Fantasia and Indigo Palace, Colonial for Galaxia and Outlands, Midnight for Grimvale and Nightlane, and Overgrowth for Everwood and Lost Kingdom. Each of these promises only the highest quality accommodations possible.”

    Miss Clover rejoined all the pieces before pulling off the edge of the octagon. “This, my friends, is the Concord Express line. All the hotels are connected to this area, and each is themed after their respective regions. And get this: As it passes through each zone, its interior and exterior change to match! How nifty is that?” She asked as the demonstrative showed off exactly that.

    “Now, the lower sphere is where all of the station’s vital systems are as well as product manufacturing and recycling are located. But that’s booooring, so let’s get to the juiciest details!”

    She ripped into the park graphic and pulled out the octagon again, then discarded the Express Line layer. “Here, each region is divided in two - Outer and Inner. The Outer area is for the general public - this is where all the normal rides, dining, and entertainment is. It’s for all ages except where height and health limits are in place for your own safety. But, the inner regions. . .”

    A saucy leer plastered itself to her mask. “These are our premium, adults-only experience. I won’t go into much detail here, but I will say that this is the best of its kind. Ufufufu~”

    A visualized drool droplet came onto the mask before Miss Clover ‘wiped’ it away.

    “Uheh. . . now then, only a couple of notes to go, my friends! If you are one of those people looking at this saying, ‘But lovely, radiant Miss Clover! Everything looks beautiful, but everything else is standard stuff with a stylish coat of paint!’ and then I’d say, dear sweet misguided friend of mine, you’re mistaken! I could talk about the advanced safety measures, or the attention to detail of every square inch in this place, or of our excellently trained or programmed staff, or the sumptuous food, but I’m not gonna! Instead, I saved the best for last!”

    Mono returned onscreen, carrying an earpiece with a single eyeglass mounted to it and a short baton - just barely longer than a fist. Miss Clover took the earpiece and mounted it, giving her one eye bespectacled and took the baton in her hand.

    “These, my friends, are the two pieces of our Hero Mode! With these, willing participants are given the chance to prove their mettle in the eight regions. From taking down bandits in the Outlands-” The baton lit up, turning into a clear construct of a rifle. When she continued, she turned it into a sword. “Or fighting wild beasts of the Everwood, we can guarantee that Hero Mode will be all the thrill you could possibly want!”

    She passed the deactivated baton and scouter to Mono, who shuffled off. “Of course, there’s still one thing that, hero mode or not, everybody will enjoy! There are live, interactive events in each region put together by our talented entertainers, engineers, and enchanters that will enrapture each and every one of you. Not only that, but each of them has randomized audience participation. But if THAT weren’t enough, you get a commemorative coin for the event for participating.”

    Miss Clover flipped her hands around and several painted coins with a golden base appeared between her fingers. She smiled brighter than ever. “Collect coins from all the active events in an area and you can get a trip to. . . The Core! What’s in the Core? Who can say! But, there are whispers of untold secrets and riches in there!”

    With a twirl, Miss Clover suddenly donned paw gloves with glowing pads. “Well, my friends, that’s all the detail I can give for now! The rest, you can find out for yourself when you get here. I really hope to see you soon! So until next time, this is Miss Clover! Bye now!”

    She stamped the air twice with each glove, forming the Clover paw logo in the air. She faded out, but the logo stayed.

    Offstage, Miss Clover took off her mask and was Seija Isbala once more. “I think that went well, don’t you? She asked Mono, who gave a happy yap. “Much nicer and safer than Father’s park, anyhow.”
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