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  1. Osaka

    Osaka 100% ʁμИ Staff Member

    A makeshift thread to get the site up and running.

    Observed bugs:

    1) Background image doesn't vertically or horizontally tile properly
    2) forum.wanderingstar.online's top navigation bar and content body don't connect and fly apart or overlap at different screen widths (reproducable case: 1920x1280 vs 800x600)
    3) Live content areas (tagging, thread titling, searches) coloration clashes dangerously making text unreadable
    4) Gradient at top of thread composition for formatting options makes options difficult to read

    Investigated features:

    Possible wiki compatible maps implementation with marker coordinate system?
    Possible wiki compatible timeline implementation with era and event marking?
    Possible wiki compatible loading of sub-objects into web3D at coordinates (composite objects)
    Possible wiki compatible loading of sub-layers of images into composite image (future character builder?)
    Simple color operation onto imagemaps

    Requested features:

    Investigation into themes/formats/styles desired by players?
    Theme loading system for wiki (similar to that of forum in some way?)
    Better indenting of forum sub-headings for clearer reading
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