News [Astro] - Sargasso's Crime Rate Spikes

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    Welcome to another bulletin for Astro News Radio, I'm Dexter Marlin, and tonight we have a story about one of Traveller's thriving colonies: Sargasso.

    Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a rise in the number of crimes reported by citizens to their local Units and Police Force. However, these are not minor offences we're seeing. Most of the reports appear to be relating to grand theft auto, hit-and-runs, burglary, smash-and-grabs, public indecency. Arrests have been made, and police have disclosed that a majority of the offenders come from neighbouring colony Noir.
    Mayor Rex Tannerman is considering putting a bill forward to extend the powers of Sargasso's militia to assist the police in the apprehension of dangerous suspects, but it is expected that opposition leader Dianne Proctor - who has classically been 'anti-vigilante' - will block the bill. Tannerman had this to say regarding the crime spike:
    Proctor's camp had this rebuttal for the Mayor:
    That's all for now on Astro News Radio, here's some tunes from the vault. I'll be sure to keep you posted as updates occur, and you listeners have a lovely evening~

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