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    ♫~News for a Song~♫

    This is Astro News Radio, and I'm your host Dexter Marlin, bringing you an urgent update!

    Goodness, we at the station have got a doozy for your morning commute. A dozen new stars have appeared in our galaxy. That's right, last night at 3:53 AM, a new cluster of stars appeared around one hundred light years away from the CORE system.

    Astral Intelligence Section Gamma has released a statement on the new arrivals: 'Long-distance scans show the new stars and their planets show signs of intelligent, spacefaring life forms. Surveillance has found fleets of spaceships, and evidence of sophisticated infrastructure. We can expect their scouting vessels to explore our known universe, and eventually toward the Traveller system and beyond soon.'

    For the moment, no accurate charts or navigation data is readily available for these new star systems, but we expect whoever inhabits these stars to make contact with us soon. The United Defence Directive is on standby, prepared for hostile activity from the cluster. They are concerned for the fleet sizes spotted by Section Gamma, but many of the ships do not appear to be moving or powered.

    Starseekers meanwhile are probably getting their things packed and rushing out to meet the new arrivals. We don't know what they are like, what what dimension they came from exactly, or why they are here. With any luck we'll find out in due time, and I'll be sure to pass any updates onto you, listeners.

    That's all for now on Astro News Radio - let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming of the latest breakthrough hits in Blitzpunk. I'll be sure to keep you notified for any future developments in this breaking news.

    ♫ Astro News Radio - Outro ♫
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