News [Acala] - Magic Ban circumvention leads to Weird rampage

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    Experts and Scholars from Horrigan University of Albion have been called to the scene of a bizarre and unprecedented arrival of an undocumented type of Weird Thing in the city of Tal Tal on New Kashmir. The death toll rests in the hundreds, with many still unaccounted for while property damage is in the millions of credits.

    Even with Acala's tight regulations of magic and spellcasting, especially regarding the status of Weirds after the destruction of the New Kashmir city of Alfenheim, the prospect of a Weird rampage has many investors on edge, but cautiously optimistic that the situation will be dealt with by the relevant experts. It has been forty hours since the Weird's arrival, and its last known location was seen fleeing towards the Galbadia prairie on the night of the arrival.

    Locally, anger and sorrow have been front and centre in people's minds, and fingers are pointing towards Fudou, but the corporate entity has denied any responsibility - stating that it works within the Acala system's tight regulations on magic, stating:
    Residents of Tal Tal are accepting aid and assistance, but are sceptical of Fudou's statement - owing to long standing tensions between the two planetary nations of Fudou and New Kashmir. A hotline has been set up to wire funds and resources:

    COMLINE: ACA5.3130.5772.2986
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