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  1. Luca

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    So, as we're still getting ideas put together on this site, I've been getting some setting fluff defined, while @Moogle has been a darling getting our race pages set up. Go him!

    I'll be outlining my general plan to get the setting defined, and what I hope to achieve is that there's something vibrant enough for players and potential GMs to grab and run with, and enough growing space for new ideas, races, and technology to be introduced, or fleshed out.

    With this in mind, what we have to begin with prior to Lor and their stars showing up is the Aleph Cluster. Its working name was CORE, and I've currently got jurisdiction over Traveller and its many moons, and the Unity Protocol.

    • Fix up inconsistencies in Unity Protocol and Sargasso articles regarding Units.
    • Start working on article for Units.
    • Come up with some cultural articles or other societies.
    • Finish United Defence Directive article.
    • Write up articles for the other Aleph Cluster planets with @Osaka.
  2. Moogle

    Moogle Administrator Staff Member

    Might as well make my roadmap too.

    • Create Concord Park
    • Write the Opportunity's Knock
    • Port over Phase
    Completed Projects
    • Finish Rolaan Species
    • Finish Rolaan Culture
    • Finish Rolaan CCG
    • Finish Belza species
    • Finish Belza CCG
    • Finish Merril Recapturing
    • Finish Seija
    • Finish Phasma
    • Port over Decker and the GAO into proper WSO appropriate formats
    • Finish Taela Inventory
    • Finish Lotha Skills +Inventory
    • Finish Cloverpaw, Offerings, DATE, LOGO
    • finally make Panda CandyFinish Galacta Candy
    • Finish Hekate: LOGO
    • Port over Aeternalis and Handsome
    • Finish Abominations
    • Finish MBFs
    • Finish NPC Siil FiSirae
    • Finish Riik FiSaash
    • Finish Vadral Culture
    • Finish Seiren
    • Finish Felsal Culture
    • Finish Lynval Culture
    • Finish Sothal Culture
    • Finish Balance Society
    • Finish Tohr
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