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    Sargasso Local Networks - Local For You!

    SLN was a conglomerate of local Sargasso-based media and content houses, banding together to form a handful of community channels on the local bands, with content of varying quality and a lighter barrier to entry than multi-planetary media network. The limited budget, resources, and shared workspaces didn't stop SLN from having a rudimentary news team who reported obscure local events, feel-good news, and the occasional public warning and/or bounty.

    The network was covering who was being re-elected a week of political turmoil the public had grown indifferent to. The two major parties who'd controlled the council of Sargasso had broke apart in the wake of Tanhauss-related scandals, specifically Rex Tannerman and Dianne Proctor's political parties - with a couple of talking heads providing their personal commentary disguised as experience and insight. Infographics showed the once two-horse race that'd been in vogue since PA245 between Rex and Dianne was splintering apart into multiple little parties - but no matter how the top-end was arrayed, the city-state on a tropical moon kept on ticking.

    For the most part, the running elections had seen many fresh faces and newcomers elected across the dense city blocks of Sargasso, and previous two-party outliers and backbenchers who avoided the worst of the scandals were moving ahead with their own ambitions - finding new networks of influence to ply with. Between the horse-trading, multi-speak, and the volatile formation and breakup of blocs with common interests, a handful of dominant voices emerged:

    Desmond Devilfish and Edmund Holt - veterans who had the seniority to lend their voices authority in half of Central View and Ogonori Island, respectively; Sandra Quinto, a Hagblood woman representing the interests of Barrier Island and those of the Sargasso Mage's University, and the added bonus of being there at the wrong time.
    A Sourcian from Redfield called 'Taskmaker' had gathered the support of the non-human voices in the room to represent half of Central View and speak for the alien population, who were riding their own waves in the wake of the Tanhauss Scandals; The other voice in the room was Maeve Wickham, a Greaseheart business owner who had given voice to the greater worries of businesses large and small - whether she was in lock step with fully corporatised ideals was yet to be seen.


    After election coverage had run its course, the evening news turned to a pressing matter that'd been accumulating quietly in the background. "Residents and businesses are reporting that many Gruppen Tanhauss products are no longer for sale in Sargasso, services for products have suddenly discontinued and supply chains have lapsed," there was some concern in this broadcaster's voice, they had family in need disrupted by this.

    "Hospitals are reporting their Leyline networks have been compromised, and patient records have appeared on the dark networks. Meanwhile, Gruppen Tanhauss' office space in Sargasso has suddenly been abandoned by its workforce, leaving hundreds of citizens, businesses, and others in the dark." That amateurish use of language was permissible in such a local station, but wouldn't fly in Astro. 'In the dark' - really? For some, it was a matter of life and death.

    "Units at spaceports have been detaining a wave of employees attempting to leave for Noir for questioning. This all comes on the back of allegations that last week, Gruppen Tanhauss engaged in corporate terrorism against Sargasso Mage's University in order to access superweapons."

    "Gruppen Tanhauss has been reached for comment by SLN, Astro, and other networks. Gruppen Tanhauss has not responded to any media outlets yet, and local Gruppen Tanhauss offices are closed."
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