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Ring Raiders

Discussion in 'Roleplay Request' started by DragonNova, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. DragonNova

    DragonNova New Member

    Hello, I am DragonNova. Some of you may remember me. Some even remember me fondly. Either way, I've been fooling around with a few characters among friends. Much as I hate wiki wrangling, I figure that I should give everyone a chance to go be crazy in the new setting. So! We have a pirate plot incoming! While new players should realize that it's not all that cheery. The captain does not have moral boundries. Murder, Kidnapping, Slavery, torture... She'll do it all. I don't advise characters with huge hang ups on being jackasses. Nonetheless, I'm putting together (slowly) a sypnosis. I'll add more as my patience allows, but feel free to ask questions, sign up for banditry, or give suggestions even!

    The outer rings of the galaxy is truly a frontier... justice is only as strong as your aim. Along the rim of the slowly expanding galactic population, a woman dreams of battle, riches, and whatever vice she can get her hands on. And now with a bigger ship designed to catch up to and snare larger targets, she's looking for new crew with big dreams, and few morals.
    ===== Overview =====
    Ring Raiders is a plot surrounding a group of Pirates working their way up to fame and fortune, slowly dialing into the much more lucrative mercenary business. If they can keep their act together long enough, that is. Players will have to use their wits, charm, and good old penchant for violence to overcome stubborn victims, local authorities, and even competing elements.
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  2. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Hi DragonNova, I'll try writing an article for some locations or points of interest around the outer ring for you. It should help give your plot a sense of 'space'