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    An internal memo for the higher-ups of the company Gruppen Tanhauss.

    The colony of Noir was struck by a sprawling and long-lasting tragedy not long ago. (See bulletin by [CIN])

    We have a great loss of life, stock, and business data. Many of our data centres and records facilities were caught in the blasts - disaster recovery plans are already underway thanks to our dedicated IT team and Calculator Muller. A quarter of our local factories have suffered damage stemming from the power overload. Sargasso's local industry will have to pick up the demand. Tragically, several of our clinics were vaporised too, with tens of thousands of patients, doctors, and staff confirmed dead.

    The damage is going to set back our stocks, projections, and spirits for months as the tolls and tallies rise, but we can and will bounce back. There will be more demand than ever for our services in the wake of this as all the denizens of Noir will cooperate to put their lives back together, and we will do our fair share. We all have our place here, even if it isn't perfect.

    Regarding the incident, I don't think this was an EAD related case of blowback - the sheer scale of damage and carelessness regarding the power plant meltdown seems unprofessional and sloppy, and its highly likely the perpetrator died in their own explosion, likely destroying any useful or meaningful cause of action.

    We won't allow ourselves to get hung up on that - we have a business to rebuild, with some stimulus from the Units. Speaking of, they've launched their own investigation. They might come to a different conclusion than the news did, they might not. Time will tell.

    Moving on, The Driver has reported nothing from his former EAD contacts regarding this, and our locals on Sargasso do not believe our ongoing problem regarding The Crude (ID: [Yttrium Indium Manganese]) and The Man in Red (ID: [Luca Pavone]) were responsible for this - they have not left Sargasso.

    There's plenty of incidents they certainly ARE responsible for. Most recently Pavone was spotted scoping out the Blue Sky Society building in Sargasso, examining documents and data. Tighten security at the Blue Sky Building. If he is spotted again, force him to move on without making a fuss. If the situation escalates or he tries to force his way in, deploy vegetable security and drown him or force him to flee.

    We believe he is pursuing an investigation and planning something against us regarding our recent negotiations with local proprietors and other small businesses in the Featherwell area. Blue Sky have been campaigning and plying pressure there, and it is likely someone called on his services - after all, he seems to have nothing better to do than get in fights with the local gangs, alongside some group of other local vigilantes and oddballs.

    If they attack as a group, use of unnecessary force is authorised as the situation escalates. If something goes wrong or the Blue Sky Building is compromised, you have your respective fallback and regroup plans. The crayfish incident gave Dr. Lange an idea he wants to 'test out'...

    Ilsa Mout-Battenberg, CFO

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