Message [Memo] - On Recent Events in Sargasso

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    An internal memo for the higher-ups of the company Gruppen Tanhauss.

    What happened in Sargasso recently (See bulletins by [ANR] and [CIN]) runs counter to what we're trying to push regarding 'The Man In Red', but it is an incident unconnected to the EAD. Stay with the story and stick to the plan - people can have local heroes, but the rest of the organisation is a shambles deserving all the hate it can be served.

    On a happier note, Dr. Lange has reported the newest iteration of our SPRAY product, SPRAY++ has had positive results in 99.95% of trials on human subjects. Lange has indicated he requires another month of work to ensure there are no averse side effects, and observing the effects of oversaturation - a large problem with regular SPRAY. Once he signals the O.K., we should be able to begin packaging the product for military use, starting with the UDD's garrisons here on Noir.

    Finally, I'd like to wish long-time workers chemist Daniel Finlay and accountant Bit Cruncher Worl-44 a happy birthday! Daniel turns 43 and Worl turns 77 today. There will be a party held on Floor 44 shortly after lunchtime.

    Kind regards,
    Ilsa Mout-Battenberg, CFO

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