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Luca's Making Games!

Discussion in 'Creativity' started by Luca, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    I used to make games!

    Here are my old ones! I made them between 2008 and 2012!

    And here's the newest one! Luca6! (name pending!) I'll be updating this periodically!
    Enjoy them!
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  2. Sham

    Sham Member

    Played it. Getting stuck on walls when running into them, I don't THINK that's supposed to happen. Otherwise works =D
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  3. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Today I've added weapons, blaster mechanics for one weapon (the other two have infinite ammo for the moment), a simple and dirty weapon select, some UI, and some dummy enemies around the arena. In addition, you can hold a charge and move on a wall, rail or ladder at the same time now. Fully automatic weapons will lock you in place.

    New Controls
    Z = Shoot (Hold for charge shots on the Mk. 8 Pistol)
    F = Aim Fix (Locks your aim while you have the Shoot button held down)
    A & S = Change Weapons. Currently available weapons are at IDs 0, 1, and 10 (Displayed over your character's head)
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  4. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    I've been working on the non-blaster, traditional bullet layout. I have come up with the following interfaces for not-rechargeable energy weapons.


    Top Left = Weapon with between 50 and 75 shots. Itty bitty 3 by 3 dots, but not many of them.
    Top Right = Weapon with over 75 shots. Has 100 itty bitty 3 by 3 dots in total, will only display the last 100 bullets.
    Bottom Left = Weapon with 16 or under shots. Big and chunky for shotguns, revolvers, grenade launchers and the like.
    Bottom Right = Weapon with between 17 and 50 shots. Slightly chunky but still reasonable.
    Bottom = What happens when I don't set up my UI code correctly.

    Not Pictured = Weapon with 8 or under shots. Very chunky!

    Next, sprites for weapons planned out, and the ammo/slot weapon select system!
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  5. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a sprite for the Mk. 8 Laser Pistol.

    I'll incorporate it into the Wiki too.

    Attached Files:

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  6. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    And now, a diagram that shows the evolution of weapons, starting with serviceable stats, ammo capacities, and the like at the start, then getting better as you upgrade them from 1 to 3. (The stars in the Ammo HUD up the top designate that level of your currently equipped weapon. Its currently set to 1 throughout for testing purposes)


    The outlines designate the weapon's weight. White = Backup, Green = Light, Blue = Medium, Red = Heavy

    Better still, I can incorporate these into the wiki, perhaps without the outlines...
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  7. Osaka

    Osaka 100% ʁμИ Staff Member

    Love your work. Wall clipping is a bit iffy but its great. Was awesome seeing you demo it first hand when you visited earlier this year. How are things?
  8. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a video I uploaded a while ago. Its a bit loud, so turn the sound down, but it shows progress as of a while ago. I've been adding more little by little but my life situation has been a bit hectic. With any luck, things stabilise and I can focus more on this project.
  9. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

  10. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    I have two videos for you. This one's more recent:

    And this one was uploaded a while ago, showing off some amazing shooty alt-fire.

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  11. Osaka

    Osaka 100% ʁμИ Staff Member

  12. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Oh, now we're going places. Needs refinement, and maybe a new sprite style altogether, but the basic idea of multi-layered sprites works.
  13. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member