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Discussion in 'Creativity' started by Luca, Feb 7, 2022.

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    So, one of the hobbies I picked up during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 was Doom Mapping. I figured I'd spent enough time playing Doom engine games that I had a good idea of how to make maps in it. 2020 involved developmental work but at the end of that year I decided to write a design document for a mapset detailing how I think Doom should be played: Fast, loose, whimsical, and occasionally a little headless.

    With that document, I am working on a whole megawad. I've completed 21 out of 33 maps for it so far, and I've been making contributions to community projects as creative deviations to avoid creative burnout. I'll post some in-game some screenshots of my work here.

    Screenshot_Doom_20220207_155414.png Screenshot_Doom_20220207_161230.png Screenshot_Doom_20211122_093326.png Screenshot_Doom_20220207_163637.png Screenshot_Doom_20220207_163319.png Screenshot_Doom_20220207_163159.png Screenshot_Doom_20220207_162233.png
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