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[LSDF Val'ta] - Upon a Floating World

Discussion in 'Lorath Matriarchy' started by Luca, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Lorath Self-Defence Force Spaceport, Shipyard V-002 Galley
    Harper, Bronski, and Cascade set out together with a nod. Whether success or failure awaited them, they would see to the completion of their errand and acquisitions. With Ashlinn making arrangements and setting things in motion, it appeared to her higher-ups that she'd taken to a leadership role amongst the grunts, even those beyond her reconnaissance leader role. Even so, soldiers would be soldiers - and the humans amongst the Lorath were finding their own way to be themselves.

    Lorath Self-Defence Force Spaceport, Bridge
    The command centre typed and directed under the glow of neural computers, embedded in workstations in the walls of the circular room, and making concentric rings. In the centre of the room was a large holographic table in a U-shape, chaired by the Captain, and the station's most senior and important staff. An Occhestian man, wearing a visored headset addressed Porrim. "Sensor data has come back regarding the system E-11." He said, conjuring an image of a red sun like Lor's in the centre, planets populating in. "Given your upcoming mission, we consider this relevant to your interests."

    Gazing into hologram the before her, the Lmanel captain counted the planetoids in the diagram, and examined the fourth and fifth planets in particular - prime colony location. "Seven planets and an asteroid belt on Echo Eleven, just as I recall," she said, relieved that her memory of the system hadn't failed her thus far. What she couldn't count on however were the specifics. "And we have its location confirmed?"

    The Occhestian nodded. A model of the system cartography of the Lorath systems was nearby, seven star systems in total. "Affirmative. Astrogation is possible, provided your ship can survive the journey." Thinking on this for a moment, the man looked up and sucked on his teeth. He knew of the experimental LSDF Val'ta, as there was nothing else which had passed through the shipyard quite like it. A shape like a fighter craft, festooned in long dendrites, and its mission long and lonely. A remnant of a cosmopolitan project pre-exodus, notably staffed by foreigners and Lorath. Many of its details and the records of its previous life were sketchy, but here and now as it was being rebuilt, there was only the will of the Goddess and Lor.

    Above even those however, was the Captain's enthusiasm for new information regarding her upcoming 'test run', the first step to a larger journey which had her walking on air. "Splendid~!" she smiled, this meant she could begin planning her route and examining the planetary data while the finishing touches were put on the Val'ta's FTL engines. "Send the data to my office and I'll act on it shortly. Goddess be with you."

    "And you too."
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  2. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    "Doctor Claire?" Er'red said very slowly.

    The Ensign wasn't able to hide the curious glance at Claire as Ashlinn used the very familiar greeting, even though he had never said her name. However he puffed himself up once more.

    "That's Doctor to you, Sarn! You will treat medical staff with some respect! That attitude is just short of heretical! Now did I make myself clear, or don't you take orders?" The ensign had clearly built up a head of steam as he continued full force." And the next time I see that ugly face of yours, I want it clean shaven! Dis-missed!"

    Er'red didn't want for Sarns salute and turned on his head to head purposefully towards the medical bay. After about ten steps he turned to where Claire would have been and spoke cheerfully.

    "I think that went rather well."
  3. Ashlinn

    Ashlinn Member

    Ashlinn kept her face rather straight, despite the dazzling smile that, yes did actually reach her eyes, even if her face didn't reflect it until her attention turned back towards Er'red as she let the officer steam roll over her, She bit back the urge to point out she'd A.) Used doctor properly, and had addressed her based upon her civilian rank... and B.) She was a female and last she checked pretty much devoid of any hair except the mop atop her head and her eyebrows. And she'd be damned if she cut her hair. They might have to actually hold her down in order to perform a haircut. Or knock her out. There was a clack of Boots as she saluted and rather clearly, "Aye Aye Ma' a- Sir!" And she turned rapidly on her boot heels and aside from her pack didn't even break stride as she full on sprinted from the area. Like hell was she gonna stick around for the fallout from that timed delayed reaction.
  4. DragonNova

    DragonNova New Member

    Claire had been a bit distracted thinking of all the materials and furnishings she would have to either requisition or find planetside with her own funds when the yelling started. She had smiled warmly at Ashlinn's greeting and had even opened her mouth to respond when Er'red laid into her. She was left stuck mid sentence as Ashlinn left. Oh dear... She purses her lips and turns to Er'red with a raised brow. "Take it easy, hon. She was doing fine. I know we all want to establish the pecking order here, but lets not cause problems before we even get underway, mm?" Of course, she hadn't even thought of the phrase 'pecking order' being possibly offensive to a bird-like species, beak or no.

    She did her best not to snicker at Ashlinn's supposed slip up at the end. Though a hint of amusement in her eyes still showed even through her carefully maintained poker face.
  5. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    LSDF Spaceport, Shipyard V-002, Galley
    Porrim was spotted a several minutes after she'd left earlier, walking through the galley with a spring in her step. She was being followed by something much larger than she was - the Lorath personnel, particularly Lmanel, didn't bat an eyelid at the beast. The human personnel gave it clear distance though - they could be forgiven for not knowing about the exotic fauna.

    The creature had the head of a bird of prey, and the body of a quadruped. Its forelegs resembled a bird's talons, and the hindlegs and rear were as a horse's. Downy wings were tucked by the creature's side, as piercing golden eyes examined those nearby. This creature (known to humans as a Hippogriff) was her bonded partner, blessed with Lorath-level intelligence in return for providing Porrim with the ability to shift her form. Around the creature's neck and draping down was a collar with a draping sash, laced with small gemstones and rings in the fabric. A circular name tag read 'Vivian'.

    The captain made herself and her partner an order for lunch, sitting by the head of the officer's table as her aspectation creature sat on the ground at the head. Porrim was eating a roasted flatbread with oil and peppers for a light snack, while her partner was pecking away at a mix of kibble and raw meat. To her side, Porrim's datapad was projecting the system data she was granted earlier - both Porrim and her beast paused to examine their route closer, whispering findings to each other.

    "I can't wait for our engines and FTL to be back in working order," Porrim told Vivian. The creature nodded, gazing into the holographic display and watching the orbit of the planets in the E-11 system. Both Porrim and Vivian were eager to stretch their legs somewhere new, somewhere exciting.

    LSDF Spaceport, Shipyard V-002, Medbay
    Waiting for Er'red and Claire at the medical facilities of the space-dock were two different sorts of assignments, one pertaining to the examination of some of the 'less fortunate' non-Lorath expatriates, and the other relating to the mental states of the survivors - coping with amnesia, loss, and other events. Er'red's task was grisly, inspecting and tagging what was left of a family whose ship was reported to have 'devoured itself' as though squeezed from without shortly after the jump.

    An office for psychologists wasn't far away from the medbay either, waiting for Claire to staff the area. Immediately outside the area was a coffee table with some old magazines on it, and a bookshelf stacked with a couple of rows of fiction and non-fiction books. A rug beneath the coffee table brought the room together, while a television tuned to a weather channel provided relaxing scenery. Upon Lor, a cold front was pushing a raincloud towards the capital, bringing approximately fifteen millimetres of rain throughout the day, and clearing up tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy Member

    Ashlinn had a tablet launched towards the back of her head in reply. Er'red not stopping to see if it hit or not.

    As they reached the medical wing, Er'red sighed at the task description before opening the display on the wall with a gesture, his data tablet having mysteriously disappeared, the projection moved with them as they walked down the corridor. He peered at the wall as he read the document, leaning closer as the details made themselves manifest.

    Something was clearly wrong with the report. Somehow a starship had been crushed like a tin can in space when its primary structure disappeared in transition, and the hull collapsed upon itself like a tin can similar to high pressure destruction. But the inside of the oxygenated starship should have been at higher pressure than that outside space.

    Er'red raised an eyebrow and turned to Claire. "I'll be in the theatre for a while, you might need to mend the odd cut finger and such. The computer will relay to me if you have any questions or need help."

    Er'red slipped through the medbay doors to get his robes and gloves on and get ready to enter the operating room.
  7. Ashlinn

    Ashlinn Member

    In the retreating distance there was a yelp and the clatter of a data pad... which made it's way into Ashlinn's rat bag as she rubbed the back of her head and turned the corner to grin at Harper, Bronski and Cascase, "Lets get to it. The Lorath may have great equipment, but we need to get some stuff put together that's suitable for our.... unique... brand of capabilities. To that end..." She'd hold up Er'red's data pad and smile, "I have acquired for us a medical data pad...to be returned to it's owner eventually." The trio just snorted, they'd seen it all and knew better. Their leader might be a few cards short of a full deck but results were results. A few seconds of fiddling with the pad and Ashlinn was staring at it, "You know, Er'red may be stupid for pitchign the thing at me. But at least the computers smart enough to know better. Ah well." She'd flip the pad to Harper, "You're the resident digital warfare tech, Don't get caught with it. And don't do anything I wouldn't do with it."

    Harper just grinned as he looked it over, "I can probably reformat it. Guess I can cross data pad off my list. Though, you keep it bosslady - We all know yer sweet on the ensign." He'd hand it Back ot Ash with a laugh as the group began heading down the hall before they split up at the barracks and went to work gathering up their own minions and sketching out their plans.
  8. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    LSDF Spaceport, Shipyard V-002, Medbay
    The datapad that Ashlinn had managed to fob off of Er'red didn't go unnoticed by the device. Photographs of Harper and Ashlinn's faces were taken silently as they passed the pad around, and Harper inspected the lock screen. None of the mix of Maidenhand fingertips and combat glove tips matched a trusted user. It presented input for a passcode with several digits required, sequence unknown. The background on the device was a gentle gradient of tan descending into grey - quite plain - the text meanwhile was in Lorath Ly'thir script. Blocky, dotted, baroque to those who didn't know it was a phonetic language.

    Handling the thing, Ashlinn couldn't help but feel as though she'd get in trouble for this - but to fulfil her mad errands and keep the men from acting out in even worse forms of boredom, a few eggs had to be broken and feathers ruffled, literally.

    Meanwhile, a man in the waiting room recognised Ms. Winters' med-staff armband on her right arm - he'd seen it on the medical staff making rounds while he watched and waited for a breakthrough in communicating his problems. It was the familiar face that drew them towards Claire - he was apprehensive towards the clinical Lorath and much preferred speaking to his own. This man's face wasn't much however - heavy browed, and button-like nose.

    The redhead's datapad chimed. The message on her planner told her to prescribe medication to this individual, named 'Sammi Yattero'. Listed occupation was an asteroid miner, and an expatriate who'd followed the Lorath to the new world. The patient had suffered an exposure to the vacuum of space, and had been hit with a dose of ionising radiation, in addition to a number of other injuries. The doctor recognised the medications (written in Basic, thankfully) as anti-radiation pills and intravenous liquids, and other treatments against the vacuum.

    She had to walk Mr. Yattero through what each of the different drugs did, their parts in the treatment plan, and hand him the written instructions. Afterwards, his family would be able to follow the plan and grab each future refill of the prescription. Most of all she had to set the miner's mind at ease - he was also presenting symptoms of anxiety, mostly worried about being unable to recover and provide for his family.

    LSDF Spaceport, Shipyard V-002, Operating Room
    A Lorath man of Occhestian caste stood in the operating room, quietly regarding the cadavers resting in the centre of the room. Four bodies lay on the operating slab with a white cloth draped over three of them, save for their toes - tagged.

    The uncovered specimen was alleged to be a male in their thirties, possibly overweight judging by the fat content found in what was left of him: Half of a torso, most of a face and a bonus cybernetic eye, and the right leg. The texture of his skin was like leather, the muscles like overdone jerky, as organs had been pushed into the intact portions of his ribcage. Whatever else was unrecognisable was laid beside him in no particular order. There were

    "Grisly, isn't it?" The Occhestian said, wondering aloud with Er'red in earshot as he passed the nurse a glance. "You should've heard the black box recording. Creaking, screaming in confusion, then very abrupt silence." Clearing his throat and grabbing his datapad in one hand and a cup of strong coffee in the other, he got down to business: "Anyway, this man had cybernetics in his cranial region, including an eye replacement. Thank goodness most of it is intact - we could probably recover his last memories, maybe something else."

    Taking a sip, he indicated his cup towards the additional corpses, all covered still. "The other three have nothing salvageable per say since they're missing heads, but they're there if you're interested in showing the interns something strange later on. 'Effects of detranslation on human family of four', hm?" Snaking up from underneath the operating table and onto an articulated bar above was a tube packed with cabling, with a pen-like applicator resting in a holster. A pico-jelly head was ready to configure itself into any number of known and unknown configurations, an all purpose multitool for the job.

    The normal array of sharp, sterile tools laid upon a wheeled tray, for finer handiwork. Amongst the razor-sharp scalpels, clasps, forceps, and other shiny, painful-looking medical doodads was a toothy bonesaw hanging by one side. On the other side was a projector and recepticle for a datapad.

    Only when Er'red realised he needed his datapad did he notice it wasn't on his person. However, that could wait - the medbay had plenty of serviceable computers with which to work on, capable of accepting his credentials. It'd only be a little inconvenient until the Ensign his pad back.
  9. Ashlinn

    Ashlinn Member

    Ashlinn knew very well she'd be in shit for having the pad. If you asked her if she cared, she'd point you to the section of it marked 'Planning' and the words 'I've forgotten to figure the fucks into the plan, again. We Do This Live, Bitches.' Because all of her best plans were seat of her pants. such as sending out the scouts and foot pounders out to hook, crook, wheel, wheedle and deal with the station suppliers, forges and chains of command to get things done. She'd spin the pad around between her fingers and look it over slowly, "You know, Computer. This would be so much easier to explain away if you cooperated once in awhile." She'd shrug, pad stuffed into a cargo pocket as she glanced to cascade and grinned deviously, "Lets go find us some engineers and rope them into some trouble. Hopefully their jimmies don't get rustled on all the crow stuck in the craw."

    Sammy glanced sidelong at Ashlinn, "You know, Ma'am. Back home...wherever that is, You may have been drawn and quartered for the shit you pull over on the Ensign... or is it El Tee now?... Lorath ranking is a bitch to remember some days." Ash shrugged, "Apparently I think far enough outside the box it's considered an asset? I don't know. Either way - Lets go find us some engineers and get them to help us draw up the designs for that body armor. I still have to sell the idea of renaming use non-lorath infantry into a Resource Exploration and Procurement Engineer Regiment."

    Cascade tilted her head and mulled that over, "Reapers. You want them to call us Reapers." Ashlinn grinned as she held up hard light representation of combat armor that would let her soldiers do what she had planned for them ,"It makes us ten times more useful an asset to them, And all of us are trained on how to use a cutting torch, and prybar to get into and out of ships. The suits are unisex, easily reproducible, and honestly? think of it like this, The Lorath have enough issues of their own to handle. I see a niche for us to fit into. Salvage marines. Every one of us is capable of both combat and non-combat roles. We can spot resources that should be safeguarded and held. Hell, even on the Val'ta we'll be an asset since-" They'd duck into the barracks to drop off their bags and get a quick headcount before the two women slipped out, "As I was saying - We'll be a valuable asset to the Val'ta as both scouts on the ground and if they need things salvaged and taken apart for them we can do that job as well. Breaking things is our specialty, I mean we're grunts." She'd hold up the hard light design with a grin, a laughing skull flickered across the face plate of the helmet. Cascade just glanced at Ashlinn for a moment, "Better to ask for forgiveness after the fact then huh?"

    "I knew you'd see it my way."