Green, a Blobby-Bureaucrat

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    As per how we laid out and talked about over Discord, I had the page renamed to "Green Blob".

    The history and story presented is charming and an aspiring story to cellular life. I like how its told directly from them. Their personality and demeanour paint a picture of a dedicated workaholic.

    I can see abilities needs a bit of a helping hand - try thinking of it as some of the notable physical traits and room for other quirks, for example:

    Blob - As a Crude, Green has chosen this body shape in order to grasp at things using pseudopods from their body. Their shape and mass can change according to their consumption habits and general whim, and they are also capable of safely carrying objects within their medium. Interfaces exist to allow Green to use computers when the need calls for it.
    Intuitive Calculator - Green can perform complicated mathematical equations and process data intuitively, without need for a computer or calculator.

    These two abilities above spring to mind immediately, while some quirky skills could include:

    Eraser - Green can lift stains, markings, and misinputs off paper, and even fold paper back into a pristine, flat sheet.
    Paper Shredder - Green can also securely destroy documents by eating them. It saves on paper shredders.

    But yeah, so far it looks good to me.
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