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Discussion in 'Setting Discussion, Questions, and Ideas' started by Eistheid, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Eistheid

    Eistheid Administrator Staff Member

    In some ways this is a place holder thread, but we should probably get things down solidly instead of chasing ephemeral things in a chat room and never pegging down the information.

    So this thread will be use to work out the details of what we want to do as a group for our first RP thread.

    Important things to answer will be:

    1) Where do we start?
    2) From there what is our first goal?/What is the first event?
    3) What is the first plot hook?

    There are probably other things to consider but I'm at a loss right now.
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  2. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Chances are it'll be the arrival of characters from the other universe as our inciting incident. I'll call it a Crash Landing.

    I could make a forum for it preemptively, once I figure out this forum software some more.
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  3. Eistheid

    Eistheid Administrator Staff Member

    From what I can tell a couple of things seem to be the way to go:

    1) We will be having all 'arrival' characters arriving in ships. Given that we are lacking in dedicated hardware, it will be best to treat these ships as glorified space hulks, barely functioning at best and with limited life span.

    2) Luca seems to want to start things off with his Unity Protocol world, and given that at present no better alternatives have been put forth or fleshed out I have no reason to argue this. To this end the 'arriving' characters will make planetfall, and start to gather while the 'native' characters will arrive at the dropzone for whatever reason may compel them to arrive.

    Alternatively we could start already on the ground and touch upon the crossover/planetfall in retrospect but I'm not sure how that would work out...

    Beyond that all I can really think of is to start writing these characters in the new environment and see how they react to it and go from there. I'm honestly a little at a loss since there are so many options of how to handle this and no one seems to be obviously superior.

    With that the question becomes: What do we need answered before we start? Are we starting this with a JP? If not who is writing the opening post?
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  4. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    Well, I'm working some more on our locale too. Sargasso can be the place to crash land, and be a general town of interesting things/converging place. It is in the eastern ward of Unity Metropolis, by the coast, near islands.
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  5. Eistheid

    Eistheid Administrator Staff Member

    It has almost been a week...

    I'm asking for a final call on input, and worst come to worst I'll start the thread myself come Monday. Assuming no one else wants to do it.
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  6. Osaka

    Osaka 100% ʁμИ Staff Member

    Do it do it do it
  7. Luca

    Luca Administrator Staff Member

    I hope the little News post I made helps hook the action a little.
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