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    I figure I'll make a feedback thread for this, since its easier to refer back to here instead of scrolling through chatlogs.

    My skill levels proposal is my reply to the more arbitrary "Yes/No" skills of yore, because without reading the text it was difficult to gauge the character's competence in the skill. Adding a couple of sentences about how the character knows their skill and what bits in it they are good at (or not so good at) is still done, but having the [Basic] or [Intermediate] at a glance helps, to figure out what the character is capable of doing.

    So far, I have the following skills and areas, and I'm pretty happy with this array - adding more or less seems wrong at the moment. In addition, most skill areas can augment or intertwine with each other, the idea being that instead of viewing the character from an individual skills, you conglomerate them.
    • Combat
      • Artillery (Indirect-fire heavy weapons)
      • Explosives
      • Guns (Smallarms)
      • Gunner (Direct-fire heavy weapons)
      • Hand to Hand
      • Melee Weapons
      • Powered Armour
    • Fabrication
      • Construction (Big things)
      • Craft (Small things)
      • Culinary (Food/Drink)
      • Engineer (Mechanical things)
      • Technician (Digital things)
      • Repair (Fixing things)
    • Knowledge
      • Biology (Study of living things)
      • Chemistry (Study of solids, liquids, gasses, plasmas, etc.)
      • Communications
      • Mathematics
      • Medicine
      • Research
    • Magic and Psionics
      • Concentration
      • PSI
      • Senses
      • Thaumatology
    • Mobility
      • Fitness
      • Piloting
      • Starship Operation
      • Stealth
      • Survival
      • Vehicles
    • Social (Used for NPCs. For PCs, must roleplay it)
      • Animals
      • Arts
      • Domestic
      • Entertainment
      • Humanities
      • Leadership
    My closing thought:

    It might be possible to roll Artillery and Gunner into one 'big guns' skill area instead of dividing them as I have in this initial draft so far.
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