News [Astro] - Tensions Rising over Crime, Corruption, EAD

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    ♫~News for a Song~♫

    Good afternoon, my name is Dexter Marlin, coming to you from the Sargasso City Hall, where councillors of the many districts and neighbourhoods of Sargasso are in uproar with the conduct of Mayor Rex Tannerman and Opposition Leader Dianne Proctor after trading barbs about the activities of their respective members after retiring from the political scene - specifically appointments to the boards of high-value companies. The stoush happened during opening questions about rising crime, corruption allegations, and the ongoing EAD threat.
    [Rising jeers from Tannerman's party could be heard in the background.]
    After this exchange, both sides of the chamber of parliament devolved into jeers and shouting, causing the Units of the House to call for order for both major parties and independents, cautioning them to remember their roles as elected representatives or face expulsion from the chambers.

    Following the threat from our benefactors, the topic moved to the alleged under-reporting of the EAD related incidents and from Astro News Radio's journalistic team. Proctor cited The Caduceus Journal's rigorous reporting on the incident in Hellion Overlook not long ago, citing that the lack of attention to the lives of former EADs was to blame for the explosive incident.

    While rigorous as advertised, the Journal's thrust however seems incongruous given that this is a medical journal for Noir-based pharmaceutical company Gruppen Tanhauss. We interviewed Kransky and Sons owner, Robert Kransky about his take on what went down, and the events leading up to it. He tells a very different story in the aftermath of the fight between the former EADs identified as 'Phoenix' and 'Driver'.
    Coming up after the weather Desmond Devilfish, Councillor for the Drill Plains talks about the upcoming Summer Solstice Jamboree - a mainly Hagblood event bringing all the big magical players together from here to Albion to exchange ideas, show off, and do so in a relatively mundane, neutral, and safe territory. And now, the weather.

    ♫ Astro News Radio - Outro ♫
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