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    ♫~News for a Song~♫

    Good morning, Sargasso! With the coming dry season here and the start of Spring in Albion, the annual Maidenhand Handmoots start congregating together for an annual bout of good-natured revelry to celebrate their way of life. One such festival took place in Ameshi Corner last night, and attracted hundreds and hundreds of people looking to unwind.

    A little background before we get into the meat of this morning after's story. Maidenhands are a human culture derived from a war even older than The Old War, which forged Aleph Null. Built and augmented to be human-based weapons platforms and soldiers by way of nanomachines, they were deployed as groups to fight. After the grand conflict, many of them filtered into the rest of human society, finding themselves as warriors among a garden. Now, they have found their place as soldiers of fortune, athletes, doctors, bio-scientists, and innovators. The hearts of men and women still reside under their enhanced exterior, even if a lot of their old habits can still be seen in how they live and work communally.

    Ameshi Corner's local Handmoot brought a lot of noteworthy locals together, including Dr. Kato Asuka, head scientist and owner of Asuka's. She is a 'Finger' to the Maidenhand community - that is, a person without a clan to call their own - she was responsible for catering the event, providing a bounty for the posses and fingers assembled.

    Chief Financial Officer of Gruppen Tanhauss, Ilsa Mout-Battenberg made a surprise appearance via video uplink from Noir, while members of her posse, the Three Lions group were spotted locally. Mout-Battenberg called for the Maidenhand community to come together to support both their own and others by donating towards the rebuilding efforts of Noir.
    Other noteworthy clans and posses spotted amongst last night's festivities were the Bloodhound Posse of Barrier Island, the Remoras of Longbeach, and the Treestriders of Southern Palms.

    The cleanup from last night's festivities has been progressing since early this morning. In addition, there were a few injuries last night, with admissions to the local hospital. This is where the business of Maidenhands can be seen most visibly, making up a large percentage of the Healthcare workforce in Sargasso.
    And it's true - Maidenhands are notoriously strong drinkers, thanks in no part to their bodies filtering and dispersing alcohol much more efficiently than normal. Even so, some choose not to let this happen and get as drunk as they like.

    That's it for this morning's update - Up next, we take another look into the declassified files of the EAD...
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