News [Astro] - Slime Repackaging Ring in Devil's Depths Destroyed

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    Good afternoon, and this is your midday update from Astro News Radio, I'm your host Dexter Marlin. Breaking news from Sargasso, with reports of a criminal cell operating out of Barrier Island's underground enclave: Devil's Depths. The tourist attraction serves as a wonderland of beautiful cavern structures, and in a nastier turn, corrupt dealings.

    Authorities were alerted to the sounds of gunfire early in the morning, and dispatch discovered what appeared to be a smuggling and repackaging ring for gourmet slime within the caverns of Devil's Depths. I'll provide listeners with a little background since this may be a little out of the way for most people's palettes: Slime strains were cultivated by Sourcians as a source of food, and the knowledge has since spread to other people in the universe, letting them discover what tastes best.

    Sargasso has a sizeable Sourcian population and thus demand, but like any market there can be some distortions through corruption, as was discovered this morning. Police and Units report seizing the materials of a smuggling and repackaging - possibly even counterfeiting ring. Local producer brands such as Ewings, SquishPlus, and Tølen have reportedly been stockpiled alongside packaging equipment for what appears to be local products rebranded into Hildebrandt Farms packaging.

    Police also discovered the bodies of fourteen men presumed to be the operators, killed in a variety of different, and I quote 'colourful' ways. Investigation and ballistic analysis is still under way, but signs are pointing to some manner of premeditated and deliberate vigilante action. The question lingers as to the vigilante's identity and their connection, but there are no firm leads for the moment. It could have been a deal gone wrong for all we know.

    Hildebrandt Farms has also been contacted regarding their equipment being involved in the smuggling operation, and they released a press statement earlier today.
    Mayor of Sargasso Rex Tannerman commented that he is glad the 'perpetrators took care of themselves' and that 'some professional hitters are responsible', but opposition leader Dianne Proctor is warning that this is a symptom of a growing problem of unchecked crime in Sargasso. She is telling listeners to contact police if they see anything suspicious or find themselves a victim.

    My two hundred UC on all this? I think average, law-abiding people who want to get on with their lives are tired of the senseless attacks they're seeing every week, and are taking matters into their own hands. Right or wrong is in the eye of the beholder - just hope they're seeing straight.

    Coming up, Sargasso film director Gerald Ewings has announced that he is coming out of retirement to direct new action films with long time collaborators 'Elena' and composer Jan Periwinkle. Stay tuned as we have a red-hot interview with the director...
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