News [Astro] - Entropy Bias Phenomena Intensifies

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    ♫~News for a Song~♫

    Welcome to another exciting edition of Astro News Radio. I'm your host, Dexter Marlin!

    Reports have been flowing in from planet Traveller regarding the Entropy Bias phenomena responsible for the system's high influx of wormhole events has become more active. Based on Wormhole events recorded over the last twenty years by the Unity Protocol's Astral Observation Agency, there has been a small, but steady increase in the number of events over the time period, with a projected outlook of over fifteen to twenty wormhole events a year, increasing at a rate of one every five years.

    Astral Intelligence Section Gamma, responsible for monitoring and predicting the activity the Entropy Bias phenomenon has released a statement: "This is no cause for alarm. Wormholes often open and close outside of the System's limits. More often than not, do not deposit anything or any one immediately harmful."

    A Representative Unit from the Defence Directive also had this statement for citizens today: "Citizens of the Unity Protocol are urged to remain calm and tell their local United Defence Directive personnel of any wormhole events near Starshade."

    We can now expect to see increasing numbers of wormholes opening up and potentially new things into this universe with them! And listeners, they may not even appear around Traveller alone - they could spring up anywhere in the galaxy! I'll keep you viewers posted if anything comes up, or if I get reports from anyone else in this universe! Hell, I might not even need to ask for a report, and it'll come right here and announce itself!

    Whatever the case may be, we've got interesting times to look forward to here in Traveller. To any of you out there listening to this broadcast ... Welcome! Dunno what else to tell you!

    That's all for now on Astro News Radio. We'll be right back after some hit tunes from the Argonaut Men, and a message from our sponsors...

    ♫ Astro News Radio - Outro ♫
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