News [Astro] - Albion Capital Outlaws BASE Jumping

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    Welcome to another bulletin from Astro News Radio, taking you to Albion for a controversial decree from Capital Sector which has been called 'an assault on fun'. Talking you through is Jane of Trent, from the Astro News Station orbiting.

    After months of protests for and against the extreme sport turning ugly within the lofty cities of Albion, the city-state government has decided to outlaw the act of leaping from a building within the Capital Sector. The debate on the issue was pushed into action six months ago after the tragic death of action movie star and BASE jumping enthusiast Warren Grover, when his parachute failed to open and he collided with air traffic below, causing further injuries to three people.

    Historically, Albion's tall cities and their associated strata have attracted extreme sports enthusiasts, with more people taking the plunge with the availability of holographic parachutes and wing suits. Parkour and freerunning are popular with those living in the lower strata, but up in the high strata, people have been making leaps of faith for decades.
    But that looks to be getting curbed and cracked down on, as has been the trend under Governor Morris. Historically, she has taken an impersonal and highly dismissive approach to the sport, infamously calling it 'an inventive form of suicide' in an interview.
    The decree has been decried by extreme sports enthusiasts and proprietors, civilians, and airborne races as a vaguely written law made from personal spite, pressured by 'robber barons', and lacking impartiality.
    Neighbouring city-states Green and Red Sector have weighed in too.
    That's all for now from Albion, next we have reports of a home invasion in Sargasso's prestigious Ferros Block. Back to you, Dexter...
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